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Paige is a character in Dark Cloud, and a close friend of the protagonist Toan. She lives with her father Pike. While her and Toan are close friends and grew up together, there does not seem to be any romantic connection (or at least one that is readily apparent). However, Alnet, Paige's cousin, believes that Toan has a crush on Paige.

On the night of Norune Village's festival, which she helped to organize that year, she was nearly crushed by a falling windmill during the Fake Genie's attack. Toan leaped to her rescue, but what exactly happened next is unclear since she and Toan are both gone moments later. It seems likely that she was sealed in Atla along with everyone else.

Paige's House Georama[]


She gets scared at night, and wants a lamp. Upon completion of her house, she gives Toan a pocket to increase his item capacity.

  • Fence
  • Cabin
  • Wheels
  • Lamp
  • Pike
  • Paige