Palm Brinks (Concept Art)

Concept art of Palm Brinks.

Palm Brinks is a town in Dark Cloud 2. It is Maximillian's hometown and where the player starts off the game. The accompanying dungeons are the Underground Channel and Zelmite Mines.


This town is where the first chapter takes place. At first, when Max is sent to obtain ideas for the Energy Pack, the road leading to Mayor Need's office is blocked by two clowns. By the end of Chapter 1 however, all areas are opened, so the player can explore the rest of the town.

There are 5 areas to explore in the town of Palm Brinks: The central area where Cedric's shop and other stores are located, the plaza to the right of the Sheriff's Station where contests are held, the plaza to the left of the Sheriff's Station where the bar and train station are located, Palm Brinks Pond where Doctor Dell's Clinic can be found and the area with houses you can investigate.


The people of Palm Brinks live happy carefree lives because the Mayor has closed off the railroad, isolating the entire town. This effectively cuts them off from the outside world, keeping them ignorant to the changes that have occurred there.


There are several shops available at Palm Brinks. Most of them will improve their stocks as the game progresses.

List of shops in Palm Brinks :


There are two dungeons in Palms Brinks : The initial dungeon Underground Channel which is explored in Chapter 1 and the bonus dungeon Zelmite Mines which is opened after completing the game and takes place in Chapter 8.


Palm Brinks has two fishing spots: the Palm Brinks River and the Palm Brinks Lake.

The Palm Brinks River separates the shopping area from the residences with a drawbridge. The fish that can be caught here are Gobbler, Heela, and Den.

Across the draw bridge to the park is the Palm Brinks Lake. The fishes available here are Gummy, Nonky, Piccoly, Baku Baku, and Tarton.


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