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Palm Brinks is a major town in Dark Chronicle. It is located on the south end of the continent where the game takes place, and is home to the majority of the game's cast. It is Maximilian's hometown, and featured in the prologue when he visits Flotsam's circus, after which is it inaccessible as he is forced to flee and hide in the underground sewers. Later on he resurfaces and can explore part of it, and fully access the area in Chapter 2.

The people of Palm Brinks live happy carefree lives because the mayor has closed off the railroad, isolating the entire town. This effectively cuts them off from the outside world, keeping them ignorant to the changes that have occurred there.

There are two dungeons in Palms Brinks; the Underground Water Channel, which is explored in Chapter 1, and the bonus dungeon Zelmite Mine which is opened after completing the game and takes place in Chapter 8.


Palm Brinks was the only location spared the wrath of the evil Emperor Griffon when he laid waste to the world to destroy the origin points of various locations in the future that were part of a rebellion against him. The town itself was well protected by high walls that surrounded the entire community. There were only two ways out of town: The main gate itself near City Hall, and the Blackstone Railroad from the train station. However, the only reason Palm Brinks was spared was because Griffon knew of the location of the Red Atlamillia, the Earth Stone, was somewhere in town. To that end, he dispatches the circus trope leader Flotsam to hold his circus in town on a constant basis in the hopes of using it as a distraction to help locate the Earth Stone. Flotsam interrogated, and even beat up, Palm Brinks' mayor, Need, in the hopes someone would have found the Atlamillia already, but the efforts proved to be a waste every time, infuriating Flotsam to the point he was ready to throw in the towel if the Atlamillia was not found soon and tell the public the truth. Need pleaded for him not to under fear it would cause a panic, making finding the Atlamillia that much harder, but Flotsam seemed more than happy to agree to keep it under wraps for now.

However, the secret is out when Maximilian alerts Flotsam and Need to having been eavesdropping on their conversation, and though Max flees when Need tells him to do so, he still lingered long enough for Flotsam to see the Earth Stone around Max's neck and send his clowns after him. Though Max escapes later into the Underground Water Channel, Flotsam keeps his circus set up in the town square and two clowns standing guard to keep anyone from trying to approach, especially Max, until after Max defeats the P-3000 and Monica Raybrandt takes down Flotsam himself. With the ringmaster's whereabouts unknown, the circus packs up and leaves Palm Brinks at last, allowing Max and Monica to visit the whole town when they come back on the Blackstone One.

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Palm Brinks consists of roughly five major areas. There is the central road where Cedric's workshop and other shops are located, such as Morton's Sundries, Polly's Bakery, and Milane's Weapon Shop. On one end is the raised drawbridge, and on the other the police station with sheriff Blinkhorn. Past the station, on the left side when facing it, is a small plaza with a coffee shop, bar, and the train station. On the other side is the town hall, and a larger square where the circus was initially located, as well as where Fishing Contests are held in Chapter 4.

Once the drawbridge is lowered you can access the other half of the town, including the church with priest Bruno. The path left of the church leads past the Zelmite Mine entrance, and the large fishing lake where Dr. Dell resides in his clinic. The path to the right leads past Morton's and Parn's houses, up to Gerald's, Max's father, mansion.


The river separating Palm Brinks has several fish, namely Gobblers, Heelas, and Dens. The lake has an assortment of Gummy, Nonky, Piccoly, Baku Baku, and Tarton.


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