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Parn is a support character in Dark Chronicle. He is Palm Brinks' resident artist, and his house is before Max's house and across the road from the house with the pumpkin patch (Morton's house). It has lots of paint buckets and sculptures inside his home. Amorous yet aloof, Parn has the gifted hands of an artist, as well as the yearning heart of a lover. Parn is of a straggly appearance, with unkempt hair and a long goatee beard. He wears a tall brim hat and plain green and brown clothes, along with a supply bag and numerous brushes.

In order to recruit Parn, talk to him as Max. He'll introduce him to his to-be-wife, Julia. As a magical artist, he can make his drawing come to life but he lacks one item: Gold Paint. In order to obtain it, you need to buy it from the Tailor shop in Sindain's future area, or Sindain's final Georama requirement must be complete. Once finished, the Golden Eggs will appear in Jurak Mall, up the stairs and on the top branch of the elder tree Jurak, where you can select them. Giving this item to Parn will lead to he and his new wife Julia to join the party and appear on Blackstone One. Note that the ladder in Parn's studio leads to a loft where a player may pick up 20 purple paint for free.

He has his own shop, Parn's Paints, where he sells all common types of paint. His party ability is to automatically let you escape a dungeon for free, akin to using an Escape Powder.

Parn needs to move to Balance Valley for georama quest.

Behind the scenes[]

The character designer, Jun Sonobe, said that Parn was originally supposed to be desperate for a way to resurrect his late wife, Julia, back to life. He prefers the original idea, over the current where he falls in love with a picture he painted.[1]



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