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Concept art of Paznos.

Paznos is a gigantic mobile flying fortress that appears in Dark Chronicle. It exists 100 years in the future, constructed in the Gundorada Workshop at Mount Gundor.


Paznos is part of the Georama completion rewards when restoring Heim Rada. The requirements of restoring Paznos are defeating Gaspard (completing the Mount Gundor dungeon) and restoring the Operations Room.

Taking a photo of Paznos grants the Scoop "Paznos". Taking a photo of the transformed version seen in chapter 6 grants the Scoop "Gigantor Paznos". Both Scoops can be used to invent the Heavy Hammer and Ruler's Sword items. Both Scoops become unavailable in Chapter 8.


Early War[]

As a response to Emperor Griffon's attacks in the future, the resistance forces constructed the Paznos at Gundorada Workshop. Galen Agaris personally oversaw the planning and construction, and commanded the fortress once it became operational. Elena describes Paznos as their "ace in the hole" in the war.

Griffon attempted to destroy Paznos and Gundorada Workshop directly by having the Fire Squall constructed nearby, but it was destroyed shortly after. In retaliation, the Fire Squall was rebuilt 100 years in the past at the peak of Mount Gundor, destroying the village of Heim Rada below and erasing the origin point of the workshop and fortress.

Chapter 4[]

Upon the restoration of the Lunatic Wisdom Laboratories, Doctor Nobb in informed that the rebel forces at Gundorada Workshop are under attack from Griffon. Nobb contacts Elena, and they discuss the possibility of restoring Paznos. Maximilian and Monica Raybrandt set out to Heim Rada to restore the origin points of Paznos and Gundorada.

Chapter 5[]

Max and Monica successfully restore Heim Rada, destroy the Fire Squall, and defeat Gaspard, leading to the origin points being restored and Paznos reappearing in Gundorada. Galen Agaris brings Max and Monica aboard the fortress's bridge, and demonstrates its power by having it destroy an army of Golems forged by Griffon. The Transmission Devices around Gundorada are also updated to allow teleportation to and from Paznos's bridge.

Chapter 6[]

After Griffon steals the Moon and Earth Atlamillia from Max and Monica, he moves the Moon Flower Palace into the present, floating in the air and attacking nearby towns with magic. At Kazarov Stonehenge, Elena tells Max and Monica that the only way to stop Griffon is to form a Chrono Union, which will allow Paznos to appear in both the present and future, and bring down the Palace.

After Max and Monica successfully retrieve the gems from the nearby dungeons, the Chrono Union is completed and Paznos appears in the present. Paznos unleashes its most powerful attack, the Nova Driver, which fires upon the Palace, sending it falling. As the Palace begins to fall towards Palm Brinks, Elena orders for Paznos to activate Colossus Mode, a new feature that had been added thanks to Max and Monica's manipulation of time. Paznos transforms into a giant robot, catches the Palace, and throws it aside before landing.

Chapter 7[]

Due to the Chrono Union, Paznos is both in the present in its Colossus Mode form and in the future in its standard form. Once Max and Monica defeat the Dark Element, Paznos disappears from the present, ending the Chrono Union.


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