Photography is a gameplay mechanic in Dark Cloud 2 which involves the player taking of pictures of objects with a camera and turning useful ones into "Ideas" or in more rare instances, "Scoops".

Overview Edit

Many photographs of NPC's, objects, and scenery will not contain "ideas" or "scoops", however there are 294 total possible photographs which will contain an "idea" or "scoop". It is also possible to photograph enemies or objects when they're doing something special or unique, like a certain attack or idle movement, these "Ideas" are more unique and are referred to as "Scoops".

Potentially missed Ideas and Scoops Edit

Some Ideas and Scoops may be accidentally missed by a player if they progress without first obtaining it with the camera.

Photography point system Edit

Every new Idea obtained from photographs counts for 2 Photography points, and every 100 will earn you a new item from Donny. This means that it is not necessary to collect every single idea or scoop in order to obtain the final special item from Donny.

  • There's a total of 750 possible points to earn, and 294 possible unique ideas from photographs which a player can take

Photography levels / Rewards from Donny Edit

Level Points needed Reward
Level 1 000 points None, starting level
Level 2 100 points Diamond
Level 3 200 points Explorer's Helmet
Level 4 300 points Bandit Coin
Level 5 400 points Explorer's Boots
Level 6 500 points Explorer's Outfit
Level 7 600 points Moon Badge
Level 8 700 points Sun Badge

Making IdeasEdit

Main article: Ideas

To make a new "idea" one needs to take pictures with the camera, which can only hold thirty photographs within the Idea Book. Useless photos will have a plain white border, those with "ideas" have a border which glows faintly, and "scoops" a glowing golden border. The Idea Book will automatically scan photographs, collect and save the useful photos or delete the useless ones via an options menu.

See Ideas for a list of possible Ideas and Scoops


Main article: Inventing

One can take three different ideas or scoops to "invent" a new item with the Idea Book, which creates the know-how of how to produce said item and what items are needed to do so. This is the only way by which one can acquire powerful items earlier, or some items at all, although a lot of items are hinted at (such as the aquarium), the majority of the very valuable high-end items cannot be created this way safe for some Ridepod parts.

See Inventing for a list of possible Inventions