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The Pixie is an aerial monster encountered in Dark Chronicle. It makes its debut in Rainbow Butterfly Wood, Floor 7. Its initial appearance is very docile, using a face that resembles a small girl, similar to that of Little Red Riding Hood. However, upon approaching the Pixie, it reveals a ferocious, carnivorous-looking face.

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Battle Tactics[]

The Pixie starts out very docile, making a calm, slow movement. Once you move close enough, or if you attack it from any range, it will change, revealing a different face, and then start attacking the player in two ways.

At close-range, the Pixie will try to bite the player with its "mouth". This attack is easily blocked and countered by the player. However, it will counterattack at an almost instant speed, so be ready to block after attacking at all times. The other attack is a ranged attack, consisting of the Pixie chucking a fireball at the player. This attack does moderate damage, but cannot pierce the players defense or cause knockdown.

The problem with the Pixie is that it generally takes a while to kill, as to efficiently kill it one must wait some time for the pixie to close in, or use ranged attacks with less damage or chance of miss due to the long distance travel of the projectiles. If closing in, one must time attacks right so that the Pixie will be phased enough to continue combos.

It's good to notice that sometimes, the Pixie will just move very quickly, but without attacking the player. One can take advantage of this by striking the Pixie multiples times, and can with some luck, kill the Pixie without having the Pixie striking. However, if you want to make sure your health stays high, it is not recommended to try and attack, as the Pixie may attack suddenly.

Each of the Pixie's variations behave the same way, retaining their aerial behavior and bite attack, but each have their own elemental projectile attack. The Pixie throws Fire projectiles, the Sylph throws Wind projectiles, the Faerie throws Ice projectiles, and the Imp throws Lightning projectiles.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud 2 Pixie Sylph Faerie Imp
Habitat Rainbow Butterfly Wood Rainbow Butterfly Wood Star Path Zelmite Mine Zelmite Mine Depths
Type Spirit Spirit Spirit Spirit
Hit Points 80 600 4600 8900
Attack/Defense 16/5 73/57 137/99 162/110
ABS/Gilda 8/15 120/120 240/130 400/130
Weakness Cyclone (200%), Exorcism (200%) Lightning (200%) Flame (200%), Chill (200%), Exorcism (200%) Cyclone (200%), Exorcism (200%)
Effective Weapons Gun (150%), Magic (130%) Gun (150%), Magic (130%) Gun (150%), Magic (130%) Gun (150%), Magic (130%)
Ineffective Weapons Wrench (30%), Beam (80%) Wrench (30%), Beam (80%) Wrench (30%), Beam (80%) Wrench (30%), Beam (80%)
Item Inventory Heart-Throb Cherry, Light Element Heart-Throb Cherry, Light Element Heart-Throb Cherry Heart-Throb Cherry, Light Element

Variation Gallery[]