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Aunt Polly is a support character from Dark Chronicle. She runs the Palm Brinks' bakery. To get her to join, Max must run a delivery of 20 Crunchy Bread to Morton's for a fondue party. But, according to Ferdinand, the cheese isn't right and so the party is canceled. Rather than waste the bread, Polly gives it to Max and joins. She can be found in her bakery opposite Cedric's workshop. Polly is something of a domineering presence, and rather loud. Whether or not she's Max's aunt is unclear, but the name may be due to her somewhat motherly personality. Polly wears an apron depicting bread and a shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Her brown hair is braided on either side.

In order to recruit Polly, you must do several easy tasks for her. First, you will receive twenty pieces of Crunchy Bread, which must be delivered to Morton at Morton's Sundries. He then asks you to deliver it to his house, with the pumpkin field, trying to enter will lead you to find a note from Ferdinand stating that the party is cancelled because the cheese is not thick enough. Returning to Morton will result in him telling you to return the loaves to Polly, who will ultimately let you keep them as she joins your party.

Aside from always selling common ingredients for making bread, her party ability also allows her to produce up to five loaves at once for free until she needs to recharge her skill points.

Aunt Polly needs to move to Sindain for georama quest.

Behind the scenes[]

The character designer, Jun Sonobe, designed Polly very early on in the development of the game, when it setting was not yet fully established. He remembers "having fun drawing her hair like milk bread", but considers that when looking back he could have made her design look more fun.[1]



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