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Repair powder info screen from Dark Cloud

Repair Powder info screen.

Powders are usable items, most often used to restore a weapon's WHP, in the Dark Cloud series. They can also be used to instantly escape a dungeon, automatically level up a weapon, or revive a fallen character. Repair Powders are relatively common in both games, easily found as loot, in Treasure chests, or stolen from enemies, and regularly available in shops. Other powders are not as easy to acquire, and more expensive as a result.

Dark Cloud[]

Several items can be inserted into an active item slot in Dark Cloud. The Auto Repair Powder will automatically repair equipped weapons that are about to break, which is convenient as they are otherwise permanently lost if an accident occurs. The Stand-in Powder will allow you to switch characters if one is defeated in battle. The Revival Powder will automatically revive your current character. All powders can be purchased from shops, except for the Powerup Powder, which is rare enough that it can only be found on back floor chests or in miracle chests.

Available shops for all purchasable powders are Gaffer's Buggy, Wise Owl Shop, Rando's Shop, Jack's Weapon Store, Brooke's Item Shop, Ledan's Item Shop, and the Fairy King's Item Shop. Lana's Store also sells powders, but not the Auto Repair or Escape variants. And aside from the aforementioned store, Stand-in Powders can also be bought at Ruty's Store.

Icon Item Inventory description Buy Sell
Repair Powder icon Repair Powder Recovers WHP of weapons. 20 10
Auto Repair Powder icon Auto Repair Powder Set as an active item. Auto-repairs weapons about to break. 200 100
Escape Powder icon Escape Powder Having this allows an escape from dungeon with command. 20 10
Level Up Powder icon Powerup Powder Unconditionally power up weapon's grade. 500
Stand-in Powder icon Stand-in Powder Can change to ally when current character's exhausted. 50 25
Revival Powder icon Revival Powder Revive from dying conditions. 100 50

Dark Chronicle[]


Unlike the first game, Dark Chronicle features additional Repair Powders for the armband and gun weapon types. These are generally speaking twice as expensive, whereas normal Repair Powders are used for all melee weapons and the Ridepod's arms.

The rarer items, like the Escape Powder, is only rarely seen in treasure chests or as monster drops. The Level Up Powder and Resurrection Powder items are even rarer, only appearing in Moon Flower Palace, as a reward during Spheda and as high tier prizes in the Fishing Contest and Finny Frenzy. Despite their rarity, they can also be made through inventing for an enormous price.

It is possible to carry twenty of each item in the inventory, except for the Resurrection Powder, of which only three can be held.

Icon Item Description Spectrumize Inventable
Repair Powder icon Repair Powder Restores the WHP of weapons.
Restores half of the Max WHP of Ridepod parts and 999 WHP for normal weapons.
+2 Durable
Gun Repair Powder icon Gun Repair Powder Powder that restores the WHP of projectile weapons. +2 Durable
Armband Repair Powder icon Armband Repair Powder Powder that restores the WHP of armlet weapons. +2 Durable
Escape Powder icon Escape Powder Allows you to escape dungeons on command. +2 Exorcism Yes
Level Up Powder icon Level Up Powder Instantly upgrades a weapon to the next level. +1 Attack Yes
Resurrection Powder icon Resurrection Powder Prevents unconsciousness when equipped. +2 Durable Yes

Shop availability[]

The prices of the various repair powders increase steadily as the game progresses, starting at 80 Gilda for the normal variant, and 160 for the other two. The former then ends at a maximum (in Chapter 8) of 200 gilda, and the two specific variants will cost 300 gilda each. These are the only items in the game that change price based on story progression.

Item Buy Sell Chapter Shop
Repair Powder 80—200 40 1—8 Donny Mart, Morton's Sundries, Milane's Weapon Shop, Jurak Arms, Starlight Items, G-Tools, G-Weapons
Gun Repair Powder 160—300 40 1—8 Donny Mart, Morton's Sundries, Milane's Weapon Shop, Jurak Arms, G-Tools, G-Weapons
Armband Repair Powder 160—300 40 2—8 Milane's Weapon Shop, Jurak Arms, Starlight Weapons, G-Tools, G-Weapons
Escape Powder 150
Level Up Powder 1000
Resurrection Powder 500


Dark Cloud[]

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