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Power up items are powerful consumables in the Dark Cloud series that permanently raise a playable character's hit points, defense, or thirst meter, though the latter only applies to Dark Cloud. They are quite rare, and cannot be found in dungeons, treasure chests, shops or from monsters. They can only be found in miracle chests inside of towns, almost always in the future in Dark Chronicle, after progressing through the dungeons and Georama, or as gifts from inhabitants in the first game. Be careful to note that several of these are missable. Uniquely, Zelmite Mine also offers several power up items as Spheda rewards.

The Shield Kit is a notable exception to this, as it can be bought from Cedric for 600 XP, a price which increases with 10% after each purchase. The Fruit of Eden and Gourd will also fully restore the health and thirst meter, respectively, making them useful as an impromptu recovery item kept in reserve.

The Pocket is the only item that does not raise a stat, but instead increases inventory space.

Dark Cloud[edit | edit source]

Icon Item Inventory description Effect Total
Fruit of Eden icon.png Fruit of Eden Incredibly delicious fruit. Increases max health value. Health +10 40
Gourd icon.png Gourd Increases max value of thirst meter. Thirst +1 40
Pocket icon.png Pocket Allows carrying of more items. Inventory +10 5
Fluffy Doughnut icon.png Fluffy Doughnut Toan's favorite. Increases Toan's defense. Defense +5, 6, or 7 9
Fish Candy icon.png Fish Candy Xiao's favorite. Increases Xiao's defense. 9
Grass Cake icon.png Grass Cake Goro's favorite. Increases Goro's defense. 8
Witch Parfait icon.png Witch Parfait Ruby's favorite. Increases Ruby's defense. 5
Scorpion Jerky icon.png Scorpion Jerky Ungaga's favorite. Increases Ungaga's defense. 3
Carrot Cookie icon.png Carrot Cookie Osmond's favorite, Increases Osmond's defense. 2

Dark Chronicle[edit | edit source]

ICon Item Inventory description Effect Total
Fruit of Eden icon.png Fruit of Eden Unbelievably tasty fruit. Increases your health limit. Health +8 54
Potato Pie icon.png Potato Pie Max's favorite treat. Increases defense. Defense +4 29
Witch Parfait icon.png Witch Parfait Monica's favorite treat. Increases defense. 28
Shield Kit icon.png Shield Kit Attach this to body parts to raise defense. 21

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