Recovery items are consumable items which restore hit points and cure abnormal status' in both Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2. They appear as food, drinks, and other items which may be consumed from the inventory screen or active item slot, to achieve the desired effect. In some cases, a character must be under a status effect or low on HP in order for the item to be consumed.

  • Note that some of the status-restoring items can also be used offensively against monsters, which simultaneously classifies them as throwing items.
  • There are also some Powders which could be considered Recovery items, such as the Revival Powder (Dark Cloud) or Resurrection Powder (Dark Cloud 2)

Most of these items can be typically found inside shops, treasure chests, miracle chests, by stealing from monsters, or slaying those that drop any. They may also be received from some characters as gifts or made using the inventing system. The price, rarity and difficulty to find or make any of these items increases with the restorative magnitude of each item.

Dark CloudEdit

Item dataEdit

Item Description Effect Buy Sell
Bread Eating it recovers health a little bit. Restores 50 HP. 20 10
Cheese Eating it allows fairly good recovery of health. Restores 80 HP. 60 30
Mellow Banana It recovers HP but make you feel thirsty. Restores 170 HP, removes 2 drops from thirst meter. 80 40
Premium Chicken Eating it completely recovers health. Restores 170 HP. 130 65
Regular Water Usual water. Quenches thirst a little bit. Refills thirst meter by three drops. 10 5
Tasty Water Water from rugged mountain. Nearly quenches thirst. Refills thirst meter by five drops. 30 15
Premium Water Amazing water of fairy spring. Completely quenches thirst. Refills thirst meter by ten drops, filling it. 60 30
Status Conditions
Antidote Drink Drinking it neutralizes the poison in the body. Cures Poison. 80, 5 FP 40
Soap Releases from gooey condition. Cures Gooey. 100, 5 FP 50
Holy Water Releases from spell. Causes major damage to the undead. Cures Curse. 120, 5 FP 60
Mighty Healing Heals all conditions. Cures all status conditions. 300, 15 FP 150
Stamina Drink Drinking it increases power. Ability temporarily increases. Grants Pumped condition. 300 150
Heart-Throb Cherry Play tag to stop the enemy. Use from menu to cure stop. Cures Stop 100 [Clarify]

​Dark Cloud 2 Edit

Item data Edit

Item Description Effect Buy Sell Max Stats Invented? Dropped? Chests?
Bread Restores a little health when eaten. Restores 32 HP. 30 15 20 +2 Flame Yes Yes Yes
Mellow Banana Mushy banana that restores health but creates thirst? Restores 40 HP, causes thirst. 60 40 20 +2 Durable No Yes ?
Roasted Chestnut A nice, pointy chestnut. Restores 40 HP. 300 50 20 +2 Cyclone No No Yes
Cheese Fairly good restoration of health when eaten. Restores 120 HP. 60 30 20 +2 Beast Yes Yes Yes
Premium Chicken Fully restores health when eaten. Restores all health. 120 60 20 +2 Beast Yes Yes ?
Crunchy Bread* Hard to find recipe. Tougher than normal bread. Restores all health. Cannot be bought, found, or made. 30 20 +2 Durable No No No
Plum Rice Ball Fully restores health, cures statuses but causes thirst. Restores all health, cures all conditions, causes thirst. 800 200 20 +2 Flame No  ?
Double Pudding Fully restores the health on two characters when eaten. Restores both Maximilian's and Monica's health fully. 300 150 20 +2 Chill Yes Yes  ?
Status Conditions
Tasty Water From a deep mountain spring. Simply mouth-watering. Cures Thirst. 80 10 20 +2 Chill Yes No ?
Antidote Drink Cleanses poison from the body. Cures Poison. 40 20 20 +2 Scale Yes Yes ?
Soap Cleanses goo. Cures Gooey. 40 20 20 +2 Chill Yes Yes ?
Holy Water Lifts curses. Causes heavy damage against the undead. Cures Curse. Throw to cause holy damage. 40 20 20 +2 Exorcism Yes Yes ?
Heart-Throb Cherry Play tag to stop the enemy. Use from menu to cure stop. Cures Stop. Throw to cause stop to enemy. 60 30 50 +2 Scale No Yes ?
Medusa's Tear Relieves the effects of petrification. Cures Petrification. 80 20 20 +2 Scale No No ?
Mighty Healing Cures all statuses. Cures all status conditions. 500[Clarify] 250 20 +2 Durable No No ?
Stamina Drink Bestows energy. A temporary ability boost. Grants Pumped Up condition. 200 20 +1 Attack Yes Yes ?

*Crunchy bread is only obtained once (although a stack of 20 is given)

Differences in game Edit

Dark Cloud Edit

  • Water-based drinks are used to replenish the thirst meter, which is exclusive to Dark Cloud

Dark Cloud 2 Edit

  • Some types of food have a minor negative side effect, such as causing the thirst status effect, rather than replenishing a thirst meter (which does not exist in Dark Cloud 2)
  • The strongest items are commonly won as a prize in the Fishing Contest, Finny Frenzy or Spheda in Dark Cloud 2.


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