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Ruby was a genie once, but her mischievousness landed her in a magic lamp. She was then found by the King of Queens and brought to his palace. Things did not work out, so the King gave Toan the lamp. Ruby was released from her captivity by Toan, and after hearing his story and how the Genie was not only stronger than her, but also shaming the name of her kind, she decided to accompany him. Ruby was a valuable addition to the player's party, for using her magic rings, she could open doors in the later dungeons.



Ruby is a gorgeous, stunning genie, however takes manipulative advantage of this. Depicted as a natural troublemaker. She often teases people and is very possessive. As hinted in the game, she is in possession of a mysterious, deadly temper. She is also somewhat snooty and spoiled, as when Jack gives her a ring as a weapon, she comments that it is somewhat plain, much surprising Toan.


Ruby Concept Art

Ruby has light violet hair, green eyes and dark skin. She wears large amounts of jewelry, including a gold belt, necklace, bracelets, earrings, and most importantly, her rings, which she uses to cast her spells. Her clothing consists of white harem pants, and a small red top, exposing her stomach and her cleavage, and pinky red pumps.


Although when she joins the party she is hovering in mid-air, she is factually incapable of jumping or flying over gaps in the dungeons, actions which are available for Xiao and Osmond. As a genie capable of manipulating the elements through her ring, she plays a crucial part in proceeding through the levels by conjuring up the correspondent element of each magically-bidden door's crystal.


Ruby prefers magic over everything else. The player can change the elements of her attacks by switching her ring. She is the only long-ranger in the party to be able to charge her attacks before using them, increasing her damage. In later dungeons, such as The Queens Shipwreck and the Dark Heaven Castle, Ruby is needed to send a magical attack to open certain doors. Her Fire abilities also gave her a crucial role in defeating La Saia.

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