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Ruby's weapons are rings, armlets, and bracelets in Dark Cloud. Ruby is the second available character with a ranged weapon.

General information[]

Icon Weapon Inventory description Weapon ability
Gold Ring icon Gold Ring Expensive golden armlet. Default weapon.
Thorn Armlet icon Thorn Armlet Bracelet made of woven thorn.
Bandit Brassard icon Bandit's Ring Nice armlet that steals items from enemy during attack. Steal
Platinum Brassard icon Platinum Ring Durable armlet with pretty strong magical power.
Crystal Brassard icon Crystal Ring Expensive ring made of precious crystal.
Pocklekul icon Pockleful Bracelet that honors dwarf of forest.
Spirit Brassard icon Fairy's Ring Legendary armlet made by fairies.
Goddess Brassard icon Goddess Ring Armlet blessed by goddess.
Athena's Armlet icon Athena's Armlet Armlet with the sacred power of goddess Athena.
Destruction Brassard icon Destruction Ring Armlet of darkness with power that can destroy everything.
Satan Brassard icon Satan's Ring Ring with fearful spell made by Satan.
Mobius Bangle icon Mobius Ring Armlet absorbs power from infinite space and time.
Secret Armlet icon Secret Armlet Bracelet sealed with the origin of everything.

Weapon flowchart[]

Gold Ring
Thorn Armlet
Bandit's Ring
Platinum Ring
Crystal Ring
Goddess Ring
Satan's Ring
Fairy's Ring
Athena's Armlet
Destruction Ring
Secret Armlet
Mobius Ring


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