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The monster Sam is encountered in Dark Cloud, found in the Shipwreck. It has a humanoid figure with somewhat disconnected joints. It frequently uses magic by shooting elemental attacks at the player. Sam uses Ice magic, while its variants Mr. Blare and Billy use Fire and Thunder, respectively.

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Battle Tactics[]

Sam and its variations can be quite annoying to fight at times. It frequently blocks projectile attacks, so close-range combat is your best option. Although its magic attacks move fast, you get a fair bit of warning that an attack is about to take place. Sam bends over backwards before lunging forwards and shooting a spell at you. Avoid his speedy elemental attacks and close in on him. If he begins to guard, wait for him to uncross his hands, by then you should be able to land a combo and kill him.

Sam and its variations also have an additional attack. When their health gets low, they perform a suicide blast, and blow up. Because you will most likely fight them at close quarters, you should be careful and avoid this blast, and make sure that their never allowed to stay with low HP for too long. Sam and his variations are immune to their respective element; Sam is immune to Ice, Mr. Blare is immune to Fire, and Billy is immune to Thunder. So be sure to either turn off the attribute they're immune to, or switch to an attribute that they are weak to.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud Sam Mr. Blare Billy
Habitat Shipwreck Sun and Moon Temple Gallery of Time
Type Mage Mage Mage
Hit Points 180 225 300
ABS 4 5 6
Defend Yes Yes Yes
Weakness Fire Ice None
Steal Blizzard Gem Inferno Gem Lightning Gem

Variation Gallery[]