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The Sewer Rat, Beach Rat, Castle Eater, and Death Mouse are Beast monsters encountered in Dark Chronicle. They are human-sized rats, wielding a large object with their tail. The Sewer Rat has a dark gray color and holds a large branch. The Beach Rat has dark yellow fur, wields an anchor, and is also the only variant to wear clothing, namely a cap and some sort of swimming pants. The Castle Eater has a dark crimson fur color and holds a fork in its tail. The Death Mouse has a lilac fur color and sinister red eyes, and is the only version where it does not hold anything in its tail, but rather appears to have grown a scythe-like appendage at the end of it, functioning as a sharp blade.


The Sewer Rat first appears in the "To the Outside World" floor of the Underground Water Channel, and then again in "Battle with Rats". The Beach Rat appears on the "Tank and Boss" and "Water Monster" floors of the Ocean's Roar Cave. The Castle Eater appeas on the Moon Flower Palace floors "Ancient Wind" and "Zombie Zone". The Death Mouse lastly only appears on the Zelmite Mine's "Road to Truth" floor.


The Sewer Rat and its variations only possess two short-range melee attacks, neither of which can pierce a block. One of them is a spin attack, where it spins around and makes a horizontal swipe with its tail, hitting anything in in a wide arc to the front. This attack has some slight range advantage over its second attack, in which it simply drops to all fours and makes a headbutt, which only hits a target directly in front of it, but is quicker than the spin move.

Because of its melee-only moveset it is vulnerable to long-range attacks, although it can sprint to close the distance. Swords are the only melee weapon with extra bonus damage for all types. Most also share a weakness to the Flame and Beast attributes. The latter two variants take less damage from clubs, and guns that fire either bullet, or beam projectiles.

Monster transformation[]

The Sewer Rat, and its stronger variations, can all be appeased with a Gift Capsule filled with three chunks of cheese. Doing so and then killing one of them will reward you with a Beast Monster Badge drop, which lets Monica Raybrandt use monster transformation to turn into a Sewer Rat herself. As a Sewer Rat she can transform into a Beach Rat or Ram at level 26, and as a Beach Rat again into either the Castle Eater or Hunter Fox at level 51. This makes it the only monster badge with more than two different class change options.

The Sewer Rat starts out incredibly weak, being only barely survivable in the early floors of the Underground Water Channel. It also only possesses the same melee strikes as its real version, those being the Log Strike and Headbutt attacks. Both being short range attacks meaning that it is permanently crippled against fast and ranged enemies, and is altogether unable to attack those that fly too high. Its only upside is that its Headbutt move will knock down humanoid-sized and smaller enemies, letting you keep them down indefinitely in a one-on-one fight.