Shamshir is a sword weapon found in both Dark Cloud as well as Dark Cloud 2. It has a long handle and a curved blade. It can be built up from the Baselard and can be built up to the Dusack.

Dark CloudEdit

This weapon is used by Toan.

It can be found as early as in the Divine Beast Cave and is one of the best weapons gained at that point.

  • Its In-game description says: "Characterized by its curved edge. Light and easy to use."
Basic Stats Elemental Stats Anti-Monster Stats
Attack 20 Fire 0 Dragon 0 Beast 0
Endurance 30 Ice 0 Undead 0 Sky 10
Speed 70 Thunder 8 Marine 0 Metal 0
Magic 6 Wind 0 Rock 0 Mimic 0
Holy 0 Plant 0 Mage 0

Dark Cloud 2Edit

This weapon is used by Monica.

It can be found in dungeon chests and it may also be purchased you at the Palm Brinks' weapon shop for 600 Gildas upon progressing to Chapter 4. This weapon cannot be invented.

It's a medium-tier weapon (Tier 4) : it'll gain 4 Synthesis Points (SP) after every level-up and it has the slow 5-hit combo.

Its in-game description reads "Distinctive curved blade. Easy to handle."

Starting statsEdit

Weapon Hit Points 55 Synthesis Points 2
Attack 33/62 Durable 32/62
Flame 0/60 Chill 0/60
Lightning 0/60 Cyclone 0/60
Smash 25/60 Exorcism 0/60
Beast 25/60 Scale 10/60


The Shamshir can only be built up into the Dusack if after reaching the following stats : 49 in Attack, 41 in Smash and 50 in Beast.