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Shigura are water beasts that appear in Dark Chronicle. They live mainly on Shigura Island, but some wander away and become sick. Most sick Shigura find their way to Veniccio, where the townsfolk work to nurse them back to health. The Shigura speak Shura, a language that is incomprehensible to humans. They seem to enjoy eating fish, so they are piscivores. Overall, a Shigura is friendly, but when provoked their tempers ignite. Shigura use water to protect themselves from attackers, making them fairly dangerous.


A Shigura can be brown, light blue or dark blue. The younger ones tend to change color (from dark blue to light then brown) or they may stay the same for the rest of their lives. Newborn Shigura are the size of a building, and full growns can be up to twice the size of a regular building.

A Shigura is naturally friendly, and will not attack unless attacked first. When provoked, they will not rest until they or the attacker is dead. Newborns have a random temper and mood swings.

Shigura use water to protect themselves from a distance, but when the attacker approaches, they will bang their head on top of them or try to step on top of them.


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