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Shingala is a Shigura orphan which Pau rescued and had befriended in Dark Chronicle. He is put under mind control and eventually fought as a boss during Chapter 4.


Pau states that Shingala injured itself when on the cliffs and going over the edge, taking him along for the fall. Pau then askes Max and Monica to watch the young shigura so he can go to where a herd of wild Shigura are and find it proper medicine as medicine for humans have no effect on the wound. Shingala, becomes wild and races outside calling after Pau, thus introducing you to the Ocean's Roar Cave dungeon.

After coming across a cave, Max and Monica are encountered by a controlled Shingala, who had a control device on its head, and are forced to retreat along with Pau. Only when they throw an electrified fish in Shingala's mouth are they able to free the young Shigura from the control device, and help Shingala back into Pau's cave.

After saving Shigura Village, Shingala leaves with the other Shigura. It is stated that Shingala returned each year, bringing Luna Stones and visiting Pau. Eventually Shingala becomes the Shigura Leader, and the Shigura bring a massive amount of Luna Stones to Veniccio, allowing the Lunatic Wisdom Laboratories to be created.


Puppet Shingala is fought during the Cave of Ancient Murals segment in Ocean Roar Cave. When the player first accesses this area Max and Monica will see that the normally friendly Shingala has a mind control device on its head and retreat.

Returning with an electrified fish allows the player to fight the Shigura, however it should be noted that defeating the boss will result in a Game Over. The intended objective is to trigger the animation where his mouth is open, and then to pick up and throw the yellow fish into his mouth. This can be done by:

  1. Immediately shooting him with Max's gun a few times when the fight starts
  2. Quickly grabbing the Fish
  3. Backing up and allowing Shingala to attack
  4. Waiting for Shingala to freeze
  5. Carefully throwing the fish into his mouth when he has his neck extended

The fish will disappear and respawn if the player misses their throw or is damaged while carrying the fish.

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