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The Shipwreck is a dungeon in Dark Cloud. It is initially accessed by using Rando's submarine in Queens Harbor. The Shipwreck has a dark history. La Saia, the Queen of Queens, declared it her favorite ship. On her wedding day, her groom did not show up. She decided to end her life by drowning herself, as a result. The townspeople sank the ship in honor of her memory, and it's been used as a storage for merchants ever since.

The floors in the Shipwreck are called layers. There are 18 layers in the dungeon. The Gate key item is called the Hook, the locked door key is called the Shipcabin Key, and the Back floor key is called the Flapping Fish. Layer 9 is a roadblock Layer that requires an Ally unlock to proceed, the Ally being Ruby in this case. Layer 17 is a regular dungeon floor that requires the Music Box Key to access the Boss room. After entering the boss area, Layer 18 becomes the "Church of Memory."

Junior Chief

Junior Chief is a snipefish that accepts Flapping Fish for access to the Back Floor in the dungeon. Junior Chief will reject Rotten Fish.

Limited Zones[]

Limited zones are random, except for individual character limited zones.
  • Layer 5 - Xiao only
  • Layer 12 - Ruby only



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