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Sindain, and with it Sindain Station, are the first locations visited outside of Palm Brinks in Dark Chronicle. After leaving Palm Brinks with the Blackstone One, and during a fight against Flotsam and his P-3000, Monica Raybrandt revealed herself to Maximilian, joining his party and signifying the start of Chapter 2: Resurrection of the Great Elder.

Sindain is at first a largely empty plot of land in the middle of a large forest, located next to the Rainbow Butterfly Wood dungeon, home to the King Mardan and Rainbow Butterfly Wood. It is the past location of Jurak Mall, home to Jurak, until it was removed from time due to Griffon's interference. At the time it was only home to a group of firbits. After Max rescues the missing members, he is introduced to the Carpenterion and subsequently the Georama system. 


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Max and Monica

Max accepting Monica's request.

When beginning Chapter 2 and first arriving at the station, the train will stop, and Cedric will come out of the train, seeing that their path is blocked by some huge rocks. Monica will then say that there are things to do here, in the spirit forest, before noticing that this forest doesn't look the same as in her time.

Then an explanation is made regarding the origin points, before speaking about Griffon's alterations with the origin points. She then explains that someone has to stop him before requesting Max's help to fight Griffon. He hesitates a bit, but finally accepts.


Sindain is at first littered with several random objects, namely rocks, logs, and grasses, which can be safely removed and turned into crafting materials. The listed "% Completion" refers to the percentage that the total will go up to when fulfilled- and it does not refer to the total percentage itself. This is because players may progress through many of the conditions in any order they wish, depending on other factors. Some Georama achievements require other Georama achievements to be completed prior to their own completion.

Note that there are available miracle chests in Jurak Mall prior to completing any of the dungeon floors. Fully completing the Georama for Sindain to 100% will lead to a Jurak Gun reward from Jurak himself.

Georama achievement Sub conditions %
Forest Lake restored 15 River parts placed 10
Glowing Mushrooms restored Elder Jurak revived
10 Trees placed
Withered Tree restored Nose Tree between Eye Trees
Nose and Eye Trees near River
Elder Jurak revived Withered Tree restored
Forest Lake restored
Gordon resides in Sindain
Tailor Shop restored Elder Jurak revived
Adel resides in Sindain
30 Culture Points obtained
Eatery restored Elder Jurak revived
Aunt Polly resides in Sindain.
40 Culture Points obtained
Weapon Shop restored Elder Jurak revived
Milane resides in Sindain
Elder Jurak's Branch restored
50 Culture Points obtained
Elder Jurak's Branch restored 10 Trees placed

Fence around Furbits' House

Golden Eggs restored Elder Jurak's Branch restored
Resident in Straw house