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Sonic Bomber

The Sonic Bomber is a monster encountered in Dark Chronicle, more precisely in the Rainbow Butterfly Wood. It resembles a metal robot that utilizes large speakers as a means of attack, with a Flotsam Balloon piloting the robot.

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Battle Tactics[]

Like the Vanguard, the Sonic Bomber is a slow, but powerful windup-type monster. It has two attacks. The first is an attack in which the Sonic Bomber will shoot "waves", that can pierce the player's defense. The second is a spinning attack with its entire body that can be safely blocked.

All variations of this enemy should be defeated using the Ridepod (Barrel Cannon works well) or using Lightning Stones. The weapons wielded by the main characters will do less damage, especially swords and guns, which lose 90% of their damage.


There is a glitch that can be exploited when the Sonic Bomber begins spinning. As long as the initial attack is blocked, the remainder of the spinning attack will not cause damage. While it is spinning, Max or his Ridepod (with a blocking arm) can unleash devastating combos. This isn't effective with Monica however, as swords are extremely weak against large windup enemies.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud 2 Sonic Bomber Ultrasonic Bomb Metal Bomber Krau Mauness
Habitat Rainbow Butterfly Wood Mount Gundor Ocean's Roar Cave Star Path Zelmite Mine
Type Windup Windup Windup Windup
Hit Points 210 540 850 9100
Attack/Defense 19/12 56/48 83/60 162/110
ABS/Gilda 18/21 108/68 156/68 400/88
Weakness Lightning (200%), Smash (150%) Lightning (200%), Smash (150%) Lightning (200%), Smash (150%) Chill (150%), Smash (150%)
Effective Weapons None None None None
Ineffective Weapons Wrench (50%), Sword (10%), Gun (10%), Beam (50%), Magic (50%) Wrench (50%), Sword (10%), Gun (10%), Beam (50%), Magic (50%) Wrench (50%), Sword (10%), Gun (10%), Beam (50%), Magic (50%) Wrench (50%), Sword (10%), Gun (10%), Beam (50%), Magic (50%)
Item Inventory Repair Powder, Lightning Crystal, Hunk of Copper Repair Powder, Protector Crystal, Scrap of Metal Repair Powder, Protector Crystal, Hunk of Copper Repair Powder, Lightning Crystal, Hunk of Copper

Variation Gallery[]