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The Soul Breaker is one of Maximilian's guns in Dark Chronicle. It is either built up from the Magic Gun or from the Dark Viper and it has the "Dark" ability, which means that your ranged attacks will be stronger, but you'll lose 2% of your health every time that the attacks connect to the enemy. The Soul Breaker is a normal-type gun, like the Classic Gun, so its firing rate is correct, but against numerous enemies, a charge attack from a melee weapon is better. You can find the Soul Breaker in dungeons' chests, it cannot be bought anywhere, but you can invent it.


Attributes Attack Durable Flame Chill Lightning Cyclone Smash Exorcism Beast Scale Required enemies
Minimum 60 55 0 0 0 75 60 0 60 45
Build up:
Desperado 99 99 81 99 86 90
Maximum 120 75 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125