Maximilian playing Spheda

Spheda is a game that is similar to golf. The point of the game is to repair time distortions. The only way to fix the time distortion is to get the sphere to go back into the distortion. Spheda is played with a spheda club or a stick if a club is not available. There are five spheda clubs, not including the handy stick. The five spheda clubs are named after birds.

Time spheresEdit

Small balls that have fallen out of time distortions, they resemble golf balls. They can be either red or blue, and can change color if need be. If they are hit off of any hard surface they will bounce and change color. They must be the opposite color of the time distortion to successfully close it.

Time distortionsEdit

A hole in time and space that a time sphere has fallen out of. They resemble a swirling vortex floating in the air. It can be either red or blue, but will not change color. The only way to close them is to hit the time sphere back into it. These distortions can cause sickness in some people.

Spheda RewardsEdit

Each time a time distortion is successfully closed, a treasure chest containing an (often very valuable) item appears. In addition, the player receives a medal; Medals can be traded to Mayor Need for other items. A list of these items can be found on the spheda rewards page.

Trivia Edit

  • The word "spheda" translates to "challenge" in Italian