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The Sphinx is a boss monster in Dark Chronicle, encountered in the third dead end of the Zelmite Mine. It is the boss variation of the Tigriff, and is required to beat in order to fight the final boss of the dungeon. Only two are ever encountered in the game; once you defeat these two in the Dead End 3, they will not be replaced.

Battle Tactics[]

See Tigriff for the behavioral tactics of this monster. Handle the two Sphinxes like you normally would a Tigriff, pick them off at long range or use the Ridepod to deal with them. Because you will be facing two, it will be hard to fight at close range with them. However, Monica's swords do more damage to these guys, so if you know their behavior and when they will attack, it should be easy defeating them, especially if you can separate them. Winning this boss fight will net you an Experience Coin, a Poison Coin, and Dynamite, which will be required in order to proceed past the cave wall in the last floor of the dungeon, the Zelmite Mine Depths.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud 2 Sphinx
Habitat Zelmite Mine Dead End 3
Type Boss
Hit Points 20000
Attack/Defense 190/110
ABS/Gilda 400/88
Weakness Flame (200%), Exorcism (200%), Beast (150%)
Effective Weapons Sword (120%)
Ineffective Weapons Wrench (50%), Gun (50%), Beam (50%), Grenade (50%), Magic (50%)
Item Inventory Stamina Drink, Power Crystal