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Starlight Temple is the Future location created by the events in Balance Valley , Chapter 3. The area is built around the Moon Crystal which is found on a raised platform, of which the Great Sage Crest uses to find various types of things. It is accessible via a ramp adjacent to Starlight Items, opposite the starting point. The Temple is quite small, consisting of four platforms carved into the surrounding mountains, with one building on each. There are also circular platforms held up by the Suspension Bridge in the centre. The southern main platform contains the entrance to the temple and the Time Gate. To the east Lao Chao's bistro can be found. It is required to be build for the story to progress. The west holds Starlight Weapons and to the north is Starlight Items.


Starlight Temple housed Great Sage Crest before the events of Dark Cloud 2, of whom had the power to find how far in the past Emperor Griffon had traveled. Upon first arrival, Max and Monica find nothing but a group of rocky platforms. To rebuild Starlight Temple the Duo manage to find Lin in the past, who was Crest's apprentice. An owl living in Lin's household informs the protagonists of the death of Crest by Gaspard, and Lin ends up with a terrible illness. Max and Monica start by attempting to recreate Starlight Temple's shops, most importantly Lao Chao's Bistro, in which his Miracle Dish can be made to cure Lin's Illness.

After Lao Chao makes a Miracle Dish and Lin is cured, it comes to be that she has lost her memory. After travelling to Yorda's Valley, she memorizes a moment she shared with Crest, and this sparks the problem to her memory loss - the spawning of a Phantom Memo-Eater. Max and Monica fight this Monster as a Mini Boss. After its defeat, Lin's memory is restored, and the path to the Lighthouse on the Cape becomes available. This is the final stretch to rebuilding Starlight Temple and reviving Crest.

Upon reaching the Lighthouse, which stored the Crystal in the past Max, Monica and Lin use the Starglass bought in Starlight Temple to travel back in time to the moment of the Lighthouse attack. Gaspard arrives, and a fight ensues. Amidst the chaos, Gaspard is defeated, but Crest dies in the fight. Though Max and Monica failed their objective, Lin decides she will become the Great Sage instead, in honour of her Master.

And upon the next visit to the future, Lin has in fact become the Great Sage. She uses the Moon Crystal to find where Griffon is for the protagonists. He is found 10000 years in the past, and because of this Max and Monica cannot fight the Emperor just yet, they must travel to Lunatic Wisdom Laboratories to find a way into such a far time.