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Quotes by Steve the slingshot.

Divine Beast Cave[]

Cave Bat[]

  • "He's just a bat. On Second glance. He's a bit cute don't you think?"
  • "This guy's just target practice."
  • "Leave him alone and let's move on."
  • "This cave looks deep."
  • "Don't waste wind on him."
  • "That flying rat's got nerve, using poison..."
  • "Battie, where are you? Don't hide, I won't bite."
  • "... What do you want."
  • "Bats are weak, yo."
  • "I can get him with a single shot."


  • "Did you eat breakfast? If not, you'll have a long painful day."
  • "You'll be in trouble if he chases you. Notice I didn't say "we"."
  • "I'm thinking about hair like his. Do you think it'll look good on me?"
  • "My back itches. Could you scratch it?"
  • "Do I talk too much?"
  • "Xiao's kinda cute."
  • "What do you want? I'm a bit miffed today. Leave me alone."
  • "I bet he hasn't taken a shower for a long time."
  • "I bet he hasn't brushed his teeth either."
  • "He could be a helluva linebacker."


  • "He's vulnerable to ice."
  • "I wonder what I'll look like once I become Super Steve."
  • "He's resistant to fire... There must be some secret..."
  • "I don't think he can fly with wings like those."
  • "Looks like he's still a baby."
  • "He moves awkwardly. Let's abuse that."
  • "Guy's a heavy hitter!"
  • "Dragon breath needs some mouthwash."
  • "Xiao. Xiao don't let me get burned."
  • "Compared to him, I'm so tiny... Dragon envy."


  • "I wonder if anything is under that cloth?"
  • "Arrrrrgggghhhh!"
  • "Why don't we do a purification?"
  • "You never know where he'll come out."
  • "That thing creeps me out."
  • "Get away, loser!"
  • "I... feel a chill..."
  • "It's just a sheet...That's all it is. A sheet throwing balls of cursed magic at me..."
  • "What! He, he is..."
  • "I... I'm not afraid of ghosts... What!? I'm not!!!"

King Mimic[]

  • "Hot damn! He's a whopper!"
  • "I knew it wasn't a treasure chest! I knew it! You never listen to me."
  • "Chew on dat!!"
  • "Huh? Weak point? Maybe he doesn't have one."
  • "Ha dou STEVE!!!"
  • "My attack is pretty effective on him."
  • "If he licks me with that tongue, just kill me!!!"
  • "Is there any treasure in there? Take a look will ya."
  • "I smell Escape Powder."
  • "King Steve... Lord Steve... I like it. Either will do."

Master Jacket[]

  • "What does a skeleton need a jacket for? Is he like, cold."
  • "He must've picked up that outfit at a yard sale."
  • "Yo, take that punk's jacket when we're through with him."
  • "Master Jacket... A skeleton with... fashion sense!"
  • "Looks like a salvage job."
  • "I wonder sometimes, why do I have to be a slingshot? Why not some absurd fully automatic firearm?"
  • "I think the name Steve is cool. I think all these monsters like it too!"
  • "Bones are cool but meat is better."
  • "Got a question, don't hesitate to ask."
  • "I know damn near everything."


  • "Whoa!"
  • "I don't wanna be tricked again..."
  • "Eat this!! Please."
  • "Xiao, say something."
  • "What's with those pretty eyes?"
  • "Don't come this way... Don't lick me..."
  • "Xiao, aren't you hungry?"
  • "I guess you're not hungry..."
  • "I smell Repair Powder..."
  • "My baby brother was such a brat..."


  • "He has a head that's hard to hit."
  • "You have to aim for his head!"
  • "He generates a sticky goo from the gills on his tummy!"
  • "Uggh...He's gross!"
  • "If you run into him, he'll smash you with his tummy."
  • "If you use me, you won't have to ram him. See. I'm vital."
  • "It's cake! It's cake!"
  • "Go for it!"
  • "Hey! The head, the head!"
  • "Arrgh... You get on my last nerve."


  • "Blockhead!"
  • "He used to be a lot of trouble for me. Let's pay him back now!"
  • "By the way. How are ya doing?"
  • "I have my own problems. Really. Wanna hear?"
  • "I got a rock..."
  • "Rockanoff's a jazzy name, huh? Let's dance."
  • "Toan's bag is mysterious isn't it?"
  • "Eat something nutritious."
  • "He's confusing."
  • "If he starts rolling you'll be in trouble."

Skeleton Soldier[]

  • "So how long do we fight the third stringers? Must be lame to be chosen for Skeleton Patrol."
  • "Me shatter you like glass."
  • "No no!! The head, the head!! Hit it hard enough and it may fall off. Cool!"
  • "Being undead bites."
  • "He must be vulnerable to that stuff. What? What is that stuff? Use your noodle."
  • "Skeletons are usually vulnerable to holy stuff. Holy water'll do."
  • "Skelton's work that dope lightweight look."
  • "I'm depressed lately..."
  • "Don't push me around, man. I'll break."
  • "Calcium rich bones have such a nice pop when they break."


  • "Statues aren't supposed to move. Let's help remind him."
  • "Wish I knew how to slowly lumber into oncoming fire."
  • "My hair is awesome!!! It takes forever in the morning but tell me it isn't worth it."
  • "He's made of stone. Pointing out the obvious makes me feel smart."
  • "What's he going to do with that thing, rake us to death."
  • "Huh? His weak point? Why should I tell you?"
  • "I'm starvin'!"
  • "Reminds me of last night. I had a dream of my dad... he was a catapult..."
  • "I know someone who looks like Xiao and you know what..."
  • "He has long legs. You needed me to tell you that huh."

Statue Dog[]

  • "He's a super deformo beast."
  • "Deformation? Nowadays? That's so last century."
  • "But, when you think about it, it may be fun to put it together."
  • "When it takes a dog's shape, doesn't it remind you of somebody?"
  • "What was his name? I think it was something called Divine Beast or something..."
  • "It may not look like it but he's made of stone... I don't wanna die from fatigue."
  • "Hey Xiao! I think we can ride that pony!"
  • "Come one let's ride him!"
  • "Don't say it looks uncomfortable because it looks hard. That's mean."
  • "No matter how hard he tries, there is no way for him to get softer..."


  • "I guess, he's a ghost. Well sort of, anyway. Ghosts are dead, so..."
  • "I wonder if it is vulnerable to holy?"
  • "Must be! That must be it! I'm positive!"
  • "What? Can you trust me? Of course my dear."
  • "Well... maybe anyway."
  • "Well, how about this then. When he changes to a tornado, his behavior changes."
  • "How about that tidbit?"
  • "Looks floppy from the side, and swirly..."
  • "Decide man! Floppy or swirly?"
  • "Waffle, waffle, waffle."

Wise Owl Forest[]

Cannibal Plant[]

  • "It has such thin arms."
  • "Cannibal plant. So does it like, eat salads and stuff?"
  • "That guy needs a washing."
  • "It just goes round and round but it's nothing."
  • "All bark no bite to this guy."
  • "Do you understand, Xiao, what it feels like to be a slingshot?"
  • "Why do I have to raise my arms all the time..."
  • "To build up a Turtle Shell, a stone and a mimic will do."
  • "Why on earth can I talk? I'm a slingshot..."
  • "...I smell peaches..."

Earth Digger[]

  • "He makes me puke."
  • "That light on his head's cool. Ask him where he got it."
  • "He looks like a construction worker or something."
  • "Mole Bashing!"
  • "What the heck is with his eyes?"
  • "I thought moles were vulnerable to light."
  • "You can't use electricity on dirt, huh? That's smart of him."
  • "Earth Digger is called Earth Digger because he digs earth. Your welcome."
  • "I wonder how Tutti's doing?"
  • "I don't think he'd be vulnerable to wind."

Fli Fli[]

  • "That's the one I saw in my dream the other day."
  • "He's lame."
  • "He burnt me in my dream. Burn him back. For me!"
  • "Pretty much looks like a dork huh."
  • "Bet he'd taste nasty if we ate him."
  • "He has some kind of drink with him. Let's try it anyways."
  • "To build up a Steel Slingshot, a dragon, a beast and steel will do."
  • "Let's dice him and put him in a salad?"
  • "He's cheeky for a mushroom."
  • "I am made of wood. Hard wood."


  • "Friday, eh? I'm in love!" [1]
  • "He's the black one from the legendary Pockle Seven."
  • "He's got the awesome leaping kicks. Can't even see the wires. Impressive."
  • "His eyes are like hunter's eyes going after gome!"
  • "He's always showin' his teeth. Gross, huh?"
  • "Don't you think his hat looks geeky?"
  • "Don't you just love my name?"
  • "...Achoo!"
  • "Airhead."
  • "I'm starving. I wanna eat a piece of bread."

Haley Holey[]

  • "Leave it be, Xiao. It obviously has no friends."
  • "It'll fly over you screaming when you attack him."
  • "Be careful when you attack him."
  • "Let sleeping dogs lie, right?"
  • "But, when it comes to these monsters, they usually have good items..."
  • "This guy's a putz... Did I just use that word?"
  • "Behind his benign face, lies evil intent of the most fearful kind... Aren't I dramatic?"
  • "Xiao, where do you get your claws done?"
  • "I'm sleepy. Good night."
  • "You heard of this mandragora thing before? Not me."


  • "Baked pumpkin, pumpkin pie, pumpkin pudding..."
  • "Pumpkins are nutritious."
  • "Do you know the headless pumpkin? He's pretty tough."
  • "The headless pumpkin comes on a pumpkin tank during a full moon."
  • "A long time ago, one of my friends was... taken by a headless pumpkin..."
  • "Bring my friend back!"
  • "You pumpkin scum!"
  • "Maybe you can get a pumpkin bomb. Or, was it a peanut?"
  • "I want his mittens."
  • "Just off him already."


  • "Wow, you're a big bee aren't you."
  • "I guess he has a hard time too. Having to work every day."
  • "Careful, he can dodge pretty well... Well, sometimes anyway."
  • "Hit him hard and fast."
  • "Watch out for the stinger."
  • "Bees aren't wild about cold."
  • "I has a twin sister who I have been separated from for a long time... I wonder how she's doing."
  • "My sister was totally cute. She was the belle of the village."
  • "When I take a close look at you, Xiao you look like my sister."
  • "Clip your nails girl. That smarts."

King Prickly[]

  • "He should've just been satisfied with being fish bait..."
  • "There is something strange about hanging upside down. It's fishy."
  • "All the blood goes to its head and it starts thinking it's a plant."
  • "I wonder what it's vulnerable to. Fire? No way, it's not a plant right?"
  • "I think we'll get a Prickly when we beat him."
  • "Or maybe he turns into a prickly?"
  • "Or maybe I'm mad!! HA, HA!!"
  • "It was all in vain."
  • "My pitiful attempts to be cool. Blasted playground!!"
  • "Why didn't the cool kids play with me?"


  • "Monday... What a depressing name."
  • "He's the blue one from the legendary Pockle Seven."
  • "Watch out for that spear."
  • "He looks pale. I wonder if something bad happened to him."
  • "His bangs are too long."
  • "It's windy today."
  • "My name is STEVE! I own you."
  • "Won't give up will he."
  • "I think I saw his hat at a garage sale..."
  • "Need some water..."


  • "Saturday. Sweet, finally the weekend."
  • "He's the white one from the legendary Pockle Seven."
  • "He's got the ugliest flare."
  • "I still think he doesn't look well."
  • "Come on! That the best you can do little Timmie."
  • "There must've been a lot of these hats at that garage sale."
  • "My name is Steve! A pleasure."
  • "Don't use wind. My hair gets messed up."
  • "Looks weird."
  • "I like flan."


  • "Sunday huh..."
  • "He's the yellow one from the legendary Pockle Seven."
  • "Beware his fearful Kitchen Knife! He'll spread us like butter!"
  • "Wow that guy's pale. Get out on the beach or something dude."
  • "Keep your tongue in your head, man. You're a mess guy."
  • "He's really annoying."
  • "My name is STEVE! Bow down before my mighty shot!"
  • "Looks like a sickly little boy."
  • "His hat has patches."
  • "Get lost. Loser."


  • "Thursday. This is getting stale."
  • "He's the green one from the legendary Pockle Seven."
  • "He throws poisonous apples. Be cautious."
  • "He looks pale. I wonder if he has a glandular problem."
  • "Maybe we'll have something good once in a while."
  • "I want his hat."
  • "How'd I get my name...? I don't remember."
  • "Wind may not work too well."
  • "He's troublesome."
  • "It tastes like an antidote drink."


  • "So do these names represent the days when they don't suck."
  • "He's the pink one from the legendary Pockle Seven."
  • "That blowdart of his is poisoned. Be careful."
  • "Looks a little sickly."
  • "It's raising its hands all the time. Just like me. Except I rule."
  • "Don't use wind. My fragile body will be blown away."
  • "My name is Steve! By the way, my sister's name is Stephanie."
  • "His hat looks cool."
  • "I hate this loser."
  • "He has some kind of drink."


  • "Wednesday. These names are boring."
  • "He's the red one from the legendary Pockle Seven."
  • "That axe doesn't look to friendly."
  • "His face looks weird. Bet he's lonely on the weekends."
  • "A Flaming Crimson axe. That's a rare one."
  • "I wonder if he's ever had a cold."
  • "Don't you think my name is cool?"
  • "Where do you think he got his hat?"
  • "Annoying."
  • "I feel thirsty."


  • "Hmm, did the wolf become a human, or a human become a wolf?"
  • "Why is it always wolf man? Why not wolf chick? That would be all good."
  • "Give him a Holy Light not moonlight!"
  • "He transformed himself not with a full moon but rather with a powder."
  • "Where does he get his manicures, at a body shop?"
  • "I think I saw this guy in a comic book once."
  • "Yo. What is it like being human, Xiao? Don't think it would work for me. A human slingshot... messy."
  • "Sometimes, I remember my old days. I went through many hardships..."
  • "And on the 6th day Steve created..."
  • "Wow. I'm beat."

Witch Illza[]

  • "Oh! My buddy's calling! I gotta go."
  • "Thump, thump, thump. My heart is throbbing..."
  • "I don't want to get an apple from her."
  • "My jokes are getting stale..."
  • "Yo, Xiao! Have a cup of coffee? I'm not talking to the witch bag."
  • "Apples are not for eating!"
  • "Let me tell you my state of mind... I wanna be a human as quickly as possible."
  • "Don't you wanna hear about the seven miracles of my village. A scary legend of a witch with white apples...?"
  • "Did you know that poisonous apples are Mardan Garayan's favorite?"
  • "Just smash the apple throwing old bag!"


Auntie Medu[]

  • "Those snakes don't quit."
  • "This chick's gross."
  • "I'm getting sleepy... zzz."
  • "Watch out. That mug'll turn you to stone."
  • "Wonder if there's an Uncle Medu. Poor guy."
  • "How do we handle this one?"
  • "Love is an immaculate beam of warm fuzzy energy."
  • "Darn, I thought it would be Young Pretty Medu."
  • "Old lady power is endless..."
  • "If we are stamped by that, we're through."


  • "He looks like he'll die pretty soon with our without our help."
  • "Two swords, huh? He's something eh?"
  • "Hey! Cap! Over here?"
  • "You're doing the sea thing, eh? Back knave!! I'm Steve the wood man!"
  • "There must be unspeakable things in his hat..."
  • "I get an evil vibe off him."
  • "Ouch! Electrostatic..."
  • "Well, at least his swords look nice and shiny."
  • "He looks fragile but wind probably won't work."
  • "I'm still young!"


  • "The purple face thing just isn't working for me."
  • "He must be rotten."
  • "Looks stupid."
  • "Did you know that I am an excellent singer? A pro!"
  • "Zzz... Huh! Was I sleeping?"
  • "The weak point of this monster? I don't remember..."
  • "What's that mark on his jacket?"
  • "My dad would say, "A man should stand up in the headwind no matter what.""
  • "Smell something?"
  • "My father was sick for a long time and three years ago..."

Cursed Rose[]

  • "...huh, I thought something passed in my head."
  • "Young lady... would you care for some flowers?"
  • "A flaming red... scarf."
  • "Argh... I think I'm really... a loser..."
  • "Roses were my mother's favorite."
  • "Every time I see a rose, it reminds me of my mother who took a runaway mole train..."
  • "Oh no... It'll put a curse on me..."
  • "I want to have a rosy life."
  • "How many decks does this ship have?"
  • "Clocks go around and around. My head is spinning..."


  • "Rock, paper, scissors... Damn, I can only do paper."
  • "What me... lose to him!? Ha, good one!"
  • "He's a flopper."
  • "To build-up to a Goddess Ring, fire, ice, thunder, wind, and holy will do."
  • "Whoa whoa whoa..."
  • "His scissors don't look that strong."
  • "Why doesn't he clam up... HA! I kill me."
  • "You reek man."
  • "I am very sensitive. Handle with care, please."
  • "I heard sea creatures are vulnerable to thunder."


  • "I hate the way his mouth moves..."
  • "He's not gooey... he's chewy."
  • "His name is Gyon cuz... doesn't he look like one."
  • "I hate fish scales."
  • "Just because I'm a slingshot, doesn't mean I'm stupid."
  • "Damn... if only there hadn't been the accident... we would have been able to live happily ever after..."
  • "Stop it... I'm busy right now. Talk to me later."
  • "Sometimes I want to cry..."
  • "Look at that. A fish with legs... Shot by a talking slingshot."
  • "Fire's not effective on him."

Ice Queen[]

That voice....

She'd be beautiful, if not for that voice....

Hmm. How to heal a frozen heart? If only there were some *MAGIC* that could do it?

Mask of Prajna[]

  • "When I came around, I was on the ground by the ocean."
  • "To build up to the Bandit Slingshot, a fish and a witch will do."
  • "A dagger... take thy dagger from my heart..."
  • "Hee hee hee... you are bad."
  • "Hey, don't come this way!"
  • "Recently, I've been feeling strange."
  • "They say that monster is one of the undead."
  • "I like his fashion sense."
  • "So he's an angry mask?"
  • "Does he go to work looking like that?"

Pirate's Chariot[]

  • "It's made of metal. Probably, it's easy to electrocute."
  • "Maybe we can even melt it too."
  • "Huh. A wave of electricity going through me..."
  • "Wonder if we can get his cannonball?"
  • "What do you think about Steve of Steel? Sounds durable huh?"
  • "Sound's like this guy needs an oil change."
  • "Yeeek..."
  • "A bit small for a tank."
  • "The spikes on the tire are just for show."
  • "Don't you think he's annoying?"


  • "Sam... I heard that name somewhere before."
  • "I wonder if it'll taste good as sherbet?"
  • "Turtles?"
  • "Let's SAMba... hey... say something."
  • "Actually he was not on my schedule."
  • "He's resistant to Ice... must be some secret..."
  • "What's up man? Just want to know what the plan is."
  • "I have an errand to run. Be right back Xiao."
  • "Thanks for everything..."
  • "Weak point? Uh, duh! Don't make me say it, please."

Sun and Moon Temple[]

Blue Dragon[]

  • "Watch for the headbutt!!"
  • "Ooo a Dragon... Rrrarrggh!"
  • "His attack is chilly. You need to warm him up."
  • "Don't get hit. I hate the cold!"
  • "Steve's tip of the day. Lesson 1. Blue Dragon hides make awesome boots."
  • "I was so moved by the blueness of the ocean that day."
  • "Well... I think you need fire for something cold."
  • "He's resistant to ice..."
  • "Today's fortune, you will meet someone new. It was great to meet you, Xiao."
  • "To build up a Javelin, it's thunder, wind, a mimic and a witch."


  • "Woah! This guys gonna blow!"
  • "Handle with care."
  • "Use the Thunder attribute against him."
  • "An eye for an eye. Fire for fire!"
  • "The only thing you can get from him is a bomb."
  • "Didn't realize before but even his head is... !"
  • "A demon! A demon came and brushed his teeeeeth..."
  • "What the heckfire is going on?"
  • "My fortune today is the worst!! My stars are all wrong."
  • "Get away from him before you finish him..."

Crabby Hermit[]

  • "Hello my name is Steve. I own you."
  • "They say he's vulnerable to thunder."
  • "He is in the desert, but he's nothing but a Crabby Hermit."
  • "Something's bothering me..."
  • "His scissors don't look that strong..."
  • "But I've never been able to win at scissors, paper, stone... I can only do paper!!! (Sob!)"
  • "I don't want to be defeated by him!"
  • "Argh, all I can do is paper!"
  • "You can see this is a sore spot for me..."
  • "Today's prediction. Pain!"


  • "Woah, where'd he come from?"
  • "All we need for this guy, is a good breeze to come by"
  • "Is that his mouth?"
  • "Ouch! Your claw's diggin' into my stomach."
  • "It's so dry that my beautiful skin is going to dry up"
  • "My snow-like soft skin will is getting rough."
  • "I heard electricity doesn't work with sand and dirt."
  • "He's not carrying anything."
  • "I used to play in a sandbox. I got buried every time..."
  • "If I didn't have a torso, that would kinda bug me."


  • "I wonder how much I could sell that guy for?"
  • "Hey hey, don't scratch it. We'll get top dollar for that puppy."
  • "His name's Gol. Pretty cheap name, huh?"
  • "Brothers means they are related by blood? What is going on?"
  • "Hey, do you understand what they're talking about?"
  • "I wonder why these are moving."
  • "Hey, he seems like a nice fellow."
  • "In the end, the world is about..."
  • "getting-rich-quick!"
  • "Yeah, my priorities have all changed! Ahh, it's exciting to be alive."


  • "What a big, huge, stony thing."
  • "Xiao has huge eyes."
  • "Earthquakes, thunder, fire, and my father... I don't think they apply to this guy."
  • "His weak point is... nothing."
  • "This guy doesn't hold back."
  • "But don't worry! Today, I'm totally on top of it! I'll take it to him."
  • "To Build-up a Bone Slingshot, a fire, a dragon, a fish and a plant will do."
  • "When I power-up, I'll be Super Steve! Well, that is if "someone" gets to work on it."
  • "I feel the presence of some kind of powder..."
  • "Last night, my late dad talked to me in a dream... I was so happy"

Mr. Blare[]

  • "Blare blare bla bla blare. Woah, Mr. Blare."
  • "This guy's a clown."
  • "He should try to learn from my exquisite sense of style."
  • "If he's fire then, you need to use... Ice! Correct!"
  • "Ouuuuuuch! Don't make me go near this guy! Wood and fire don't get along."
  • "My kung fu is stronger!!"
  • "Maybe I'll make my hair spiky like this guy."
  • "Don't be stupid using fire on this guy."
  • "He's resistant to fire... I'm repeating myself, right?"
  • "I'll let you hear my voice!"


  • "What? The weak point? You know it, right? It's not that I don't know it..."
  • "He casts curse! It'll suck if he nails you. Use an amulet or something."
  • "I don't wanna be under a spell in a place like this."
  • "(Sigh) My mother must be in a runaway mole train now..."
  • "He must have lovely skin. Look at his beauty mask."
  • "I feel my body starting to creak..."
  • "That's not good..."
  • "Rolled in bandages... What's inside? Creamy filling?"
  • "Uggghhh!"
  • "H, Hey, get away, jack!"


  • "His stinger's poisonous."
  • "He looks like the wind would give him a good ride. Got it..."
  • "He'll get what's coming... Just wait."
  • "Look at that stinger, he must be poisonous."
  • "A Slingshot is great against flying enemies."
  • "You know what, I think the name Phantom sounds cool."
  • "Phantom sounds like something cool and mysterious. But, it's just a bug... let's squash it."
  • "This temple is dusty."
  • "It looks like a fly this time."
  • "Humph, this guy's a piece of cake."


  • "This guy might fetch a high price too."
  • "Handle with care. That's our cash cow there."
  • "This guy's name is Sil. Name's cheaper than his brother's."
  • "That reminds me, Xiao. Didn't you drop me yesterday? Is that how you feel? That hurts."
  • "I wonder what their language is. Golemese, Golemish, Golemian... ?"
  • "Yesterday, I dreamt I was rich."
  • "I tingle with excitement at my new life course. Steve, the millionaire slingshot!!"
  • "He's a feisty one. I don't like those hotheaded tin cans."
  • "Let's just take 'em out, pack 'em up and get outta here."
  • "Remember the gold one's more important. Go ahead and ruff silver up if you want."

Steel Giant[]

  • "Steel Giant. Name says it all."
  • "He'll throw steel balls or something. Probably... I think... Maybe..."
  • "He has powder."
  • "One blow from that guy could finish us."
  • "My back hurts lately..."
  • "Is there such a thing as a ninja slingshot? Like flying through trees and smoke bombs..."
  • "Ok. Maybe the ninja slingshot thing was a bit much."
  • "To tell you the truth, actually, I wanted to be a basketball player."
  • "But, recently, I realized that I can't..."
  • "He has a great body"

Moon Sea[]


  • "That's coal powered action."
  • "The coal's dug by Hellpockles"
  • "What? What is coal? Go back to school!"
  • "He's got a lot of children."
  • "They live in his armor."
  • "Arthur, Art... Talk to me bud. Why do you challenge the supremacy of Steve."
  • "Hasn't Steve been good to you? I don't know what I've done for you to treat me so disrespectfully."
  • "To Build the Hardshooter you need holy, undead, stone, steel, a mimic, and a witch."
  • "Xiao you need to repair me every once in a while. Life without Steve isn't worth living."
  • "My ego is like a gas giant. Like Jupiter or, heh Uranus."

Crescent Baron[]

  • "The Crescent Baron never appears in the morning. Cuz he is a moon!"
  • "The Crescent Baron comes on the wind at midnight... but he's vulnerable to wind."
  • "Crescent Baron! I wanted to meet you one more time."
  • "I have many memories of the Baron..."
  • "That arm must be coming out of his back..."
  • "He's got a weird face."
  • "Those curves need some help."
  • "It makes me feel like eating bananas."
  • "I can't take it anymore."
  • "Am I losing it?"

Hell Pockle[]

  • "Do you know why his name is Hellpockle?"
  • "I'm not telling."
  • "(sigh)"
  • "What's a friend for...?"
  • "I'm no good.."
  • "I have been thinking about something. Lend me an oversized ear, Xiao?"
  • "I used to work at a construction site, it was a character building experience."
  • "The power sealed within me now... about to be revived!"
  • "Xiao, I wanna go home!"
  • "What. Talk to me later."

Moon Bug[]

  • "Oh, so he's a bug with a howitzer in his back? Man, the moon is awesome."
  • "I wonder if all the bugs on the Moon are like that?"
  • "Ah, he doesn't look like much. Whups! Incoming!"
  • "Wow, he's huge."
  • "He's got a cannon. Wonder if he's metal based?"
  • "Talking about cannons, where does he store his balls."
  • "Hey, aren't we on the moon? Xiao, how are we breathing?"
  • "Wow! I never dreamed of going to the moon."
  • "Agghh! My head is gonna explode..."
  • "He's vulnerable to Thunder and Ice."

Moon Digger[]

  • "Don't wake me up."
  • "Well ok, if you want to hear my sweet voice that much."
  • "Behave yourself."
  • "It's okay to leave me alone."
  • "I wanna tell my sis that I've been to the moon."
  • "Stephanie! I'm on the moon now!"
  • "His name is Moon Digger cuz he's digging crates on the moon. You needed that info, right."
  • "Anyways, I wonder how's Tukkie doing."
  • "Recently, I've been feeling beat."
  • "I'm gonna take a nap."

Space Gyon[]

  • "No, better question, why's a fish wearing scuba gear on the moon!?" (the better question bit is a reference to the fact, when locked onto Witch Hellza, he will ask "Why is there a witch on the moon?")
  • "Can he breath in that thing?"
  • "Don't think we can eat him even if we grill him."
  • "At least he smells good, like soap."
  • "Yes! I can smell in space. You're breathing, aren't you?"
  • "You know I got hit by lightning once. I really thought I was gonna die."
  • "Oh, he gets to swim in space too, this guy's lame."
  • "Finnish him, Xiao!!"
  • "I'm really having a crappy day."
  • "Why's a fish wearing scuba gear anyway!!!"


  • "I know, I know... You're wondering how you might serve Steve better."
  • "No need to worry..."
  • "A list is coming."
  • "Staring's rude Titan."
  • "Look! He's got something."
  • "Fight fire with fire, Xiao. Not literally but you get what I mean."
  • "Why... am I so... miserable... ?"
  • "I want to have the passion of youth."
  • "Yo, you awake up there, Xiao?"
  • "Xiao, those ears are a little uh... big for a human, eh?"


  • "Dude, you've got no torso. How do you deal with that?"
  • "Xiao, why do you call Toan, master?"
  • "Fortune of the day. Beware of being boring. Oops, I gotta be careful."
  • "Lava! Danger!"
  • "It's hot! You're gonna be burnt!"
  • "Fire! Fire! It's too hot in here!"
  • "Sigh... Why am I always like this..."
  • "Later, why don't you give me the fire attribute?"
  • "I smell something."
  • "You... You're from..."

White Fang[]

  • "My dad is in one of those stars in the sky..."
  • "......"
  • "Leave me alone for a while, huh."
  • "Everyone thought my sister and I got along really well."
  • "As long as I am alive, good things will happen."
  • "Andy, brother! Stop! Stop it! Phew... it was... a dream..."
  • "It was a nightmare... I can't believe it..."
  • "He is more silver than white isn't he?"
  • "Although his name has white in it, don't think he's vulnerable to it."
  • "To Build-Up Dragon's Y you need dragons, plants, beasts, and birds will do."

Witch Hellza[]

  • "Hey, don't pull too hard. My arms will break."
  • "Strange to have a witch in space, don't you think?"
  • "Probably better not to use an attack with attributes..."
  • "I guess you should use..."
  • "It seems like Helga has apples too."
  • "It reminds me of the old days..."
  • "My family was poor..."
  • "Nice tail Xiao"
  • "Helga over there is pretty strong."
  • "She's the twin sister of those apple throwing hags."

Gallery of Time[]


  • "He has the same name as the mayor of my village!"
  • "The name doesn't suit him."
  • "I don't want to look at his unshaven face."
  • "The mayor had more dignity."
  • "What a huge mug!"
  • "Huh, did you say something?"
  • "You call it nonsense? Humph, leave me alone."
  • "I'm gonna be the slingshot to beat all slingshots!"
  • "What was it like becoming a human?"
  • "He's resistant to wind... must be some secret..."


  • "Billy used to be my brother-in-arms. We fought a lot. But now he's..."
  • "Reminds me of electrical bills..."
  • "I wonder if I can avoid lightning if I stand near him?"
  • "I don't want to get burnt again."
  • "Thunder god's hair ought to be a bright green afro."
  • "He's resistant to thunder..."
  • "Xiao, you're too friendly. It makes me jealous."
  • "Don't you think my existence is pretty important. I mean, how many talking slingshots do you know."
  • "Not now Xiao, I've got a headache."
  • "I guess human dreams are fragile..."

Black Dragon[]

  • "I used to imagine dragons were slender creatures."
  • "Fortune of the day. It'll be a very happy day. Maybe."
  • "The opposite of black is white, right?"
  • "He's pretty tough. Be careful."
  • "I wanna change color too. The next color will be a rainbow."
  • "I think it'll be good for me."
  • "After the accident... I was never the same..."
  • "What am I..."
  • "I wonder if there is any medicine that heals the heart..."
  • "This... this feeling... I think I can communicate with him..."


  • "Bigfoot reminds me of a white gorilla."
  • "What's he doing here?"
  • "Whoa! Are you fighting him?"
  • "What? Are you asking if I used to be a human? It's none of your business!"
  • "By the way, those shoes are famous."
  • "Heh. What is super armor to me."
  • "You think I am an idiot, don't you?"
  • "I feel a chill from him..."
  • "I am from a village called Apache. It was a pretty warm place so I hate being cold."
  • "He is resistant to thunder and wind... That's all..."


  • "He's just made of paper so why is he so strong against wind!"
  • "Maybe he doesn't know he's made of paper. We have to tell him."
  • "If it has four leaves, we may have good luck."
  • "Or maybe he'll have good luck. Damn!"
  • "Trees need water. The premium type."
  • "I remember... my dad's motto was... A man should never cry like a newborn."
  • "Xiao, can you understand? How I felt being abducted by a huge vulture..."
  • "Everybody was crying, but my dad was..."
  • "My sister used to love clovers. That day, I just wanted to see my sister's smiling face..."
  • "Sorry! It was my fault..."

Curse Dancer[]

  • "If I remember right... these guys have bad circulation!!"
  • "Sorry, don't know how that's gonna help you."
  • "We've been together a long time..."
  • "I can sing and dance! I should be a performer."
  • "I am a great dancer. I want to show you."
  • "The accident wasn't my fault."
  • "It feels like love..."
  • "Blast it all! The ceremony of curses is starting... I wonder if the world is ending..."
  • "I wonder if there is a life after death..."
  • "Even the villagers from Apache would be shocked by those markings."

Dark Flower[]

  • "A flower? Where?"
  • "That flower's always in my way!"
  • "I wonder if it has no friends? Probably."
  • "I don't like gooey things."
  • "What a gaudy plant pot."
  • "Plants are easy to burn."
  • "By the way, don't you think my hands are cute like a Japanese Maple?"
  • "I wonder Xiao, how old you are?"
  • "My brother who was 3 years older than me left home just like that and never come back."
  • "For 10 years..."


  • "In the village, everybody called me Steve, the busy bee."
  • "He must have a beautiful life now."
  • "A beam fires from the eye on his back."
  • "He carries great weapons like spears..."
  • "Count on me! Oops. Wait, wait!"
  • "I, I lost..."
  • "Wind should blow away paper like... paper!"
  • "Don't use thunder. It won't work."
  • "I feel the presence of an antidote..."
  • "I have a half brother. He is... well..."

Evil Bat[]

  • "It's a red bat!"
  • "I thought those kind of flying creatures were supposed to be resistant to wind."
  • "You'll get something for if you get poisoned."
  • "I hope I can have pleasant dreams tonight."
  • "I'm famous in the village for being cranky in the morning."
  • "I am also famous for having bad dreams."
  • "It has been a year already."
  • "By the way, do you think I am handsome?"
  • "Don't you think it will look good on me if I dye my hair red?"
  • "Who says a black cat crossing our path is bad luck! Who says that?"


  • "What is love...? Somebody tell me... (sigh)... I want to love somebody."
  • "What is love...? Somebody tell me... (sigh)... I want to love somebody." (repeat)
  • "My first love was a girl called Jasmine who I grew up with... She was weird."
  • "Humans love... But, I'm not a human."
  • "The Ace of Hearts may bring me love."
  • "Hey... Xiao, you been cold to me recently?"
  • "I... I feel strong... I feel charged with power... an immense power..."
  • "(Sob)... I have no time left..."
  • "I'm burning out..."
  • "He's so flimsy. Wind'll take him easy."


  • "Ugggghhhh... the old bag got me."
  • "He only comes out at night."
  • "He only comes out at night." (repeat)
  • "This guy's boring."
  • "I think I saw something like him in a book."
  • "Joker? I think I've heard that name somewhere."
  • "I smell some kind of food on him..."
  • "He's a dark creature! He must be vulnerable to holy power."
  • "Bet he's got no friends."
  • "Yup, he was adopted."


  • "I know I'm poor."
  • "He's just a sheet with an attitude."
  • "Floating around like that."
  • "What is that pattern on his clothes?"
  • "Away hellspawn!"
  • "Don't waste your time with this guy Xiao."
  • "He's already dead."
  • "I'm a Scorpio!"
  • "Today's my lucky day. But it's the past..."
  • "Aww man, that sucks!"

Living Armor[]

  • "Living... looks dead to me."
  • "My weak point? Hmph. No such thing."
  • "You need to do more than that."
  • "Holy power is not going to work on him."
  • "He's got nerve for a walking statue!"
  • "... Wait a minute."
  • "Oh... Dad. You are there."
  • "Dad... I, ... just leave me alone."
  • "Nothingness... there is nothing there but darkness... darkness spreading everywhere."
  • "Wind... (sigh)"

Rash Dasher[]

  • "It really looks resistant to fire."
  • "I wonder if boar's meat is tasty?"
  • "Didn't you say you like chicken better Xiao?"
  • "He should just chill himself, don't you think?"
  • "Fortune of the day. The lucky item is a white handkerchief."
  • "His weak point? Come on, you've gotta know it?"
  • "Dashing boar's are bad for you."
  • "There are a lot of treasures in this castle... keep you chin up and go for it!"
  • "To build-up the Double Impact, use holy, undead, stone, steel, a mimic and a witch."
  • "To build-up the Double Impact, use holy, undead, stone, steel, a mimic and a witch." (repeat)


  • "Let's settle it with speed! You can't beat the speed of a talking slingshot!"
  • "I'm pretty much a genius, huh."
  • "Use Ice on him!"
  • "A spade is like a heart on a stick."
  • "Paper burns very well."
  • "What's up with its color?"
  • "He thinks he's so cool with his sword. Loser."
  • "All this shouting's making me thirsty."
  • "Don't you think I have cool shoes?"
  • "The Ace of Spades may bring us bad luck..."

Demon Shaft[]

Bishop Q[]

  • "Bishop Q? What's the Q about...?"
  • "I think he's different from the others we met..."
  • "It's the Q difference!"
  • "Target acquired. Target locked. Fire."
  • "Dive, dive!!"
  • "Stabilizers are down! I'll try going to auxiliary power!!"
  • "Xiao, that's all she can take!!"
  • "Also, you shouldn't use, Fire, Ice, Thunder, Wind or Holy."
  • "Kind of narrows it down doesn't it?"
  • "Come on, you can figure it out."

Black Knight Pendragon[]

  • "Ohhh C-Cool..."
  • "Too Cool... It's creating a totally different world..."
  • "Uggh! This, this is it! The coolness I was looking for."
  • "He has two swords! Two swords! And riding a horse, you know, a horse!"
  • "Is that a horse? Well, it doesn't matter. It's cool anyway!"
  • "I wonder what the name of that horse is?"
  • "We cannot see the face of the knight because of his armor."
  • "Who is he? What's his face look like?"
  • "Maybe, Xiao's master knew him."
  • "It's too coincidental. Haa haa haa."

Fire Gemron[]

  • "What's that sphere thingy that he's holding?"
  • "What? A magical gem!? Beat him and get it!"
  • "...but I wonder if we can really get it if we beat him?"
  • "By the way, I wonder if he's floating or the sphere is floating?"
  • "Omigod. If the sphere is floating, it's not a Magical Gem!?"
  • "Damn! My bad, Xiao."
  • "Then, is it a Revival Sphere that allows you to be revived from death?"
  • "Or, a floating gem?"
  • "It's completely different from the cave with the dragons."
  • "Don't use fire on him. He's got a fly heat resistant coating."


  • "He's strong. But he's not all that strong when you attack from a distance."
  • "Whoa, careful! You'll put somebody's eye out with that thing."
  • "He's got centrifugal power!"
  • "Xiao, can you do that! Come on from the waist!!"
  • "He's more like a crab, than a skeleton."
  • "Especially those huge hands. They look like the claws of a crab."
  • "Those patterns and shapes... I wonder if he's really a skeleton?"
  • "Oh, I get it! A crab became a skeleton. He's a skeleton of a crab!"
  • "I see. I get it. Now I understand. I am enlightened!"
  • "But, do crabs have a skeleton? Even if they do, I don't think it looks like that..."

Holy Gemron[]

  • "It's a waste of time attacking him with holy. It doesn't work."
  • "I told you he's resistant to holy."
  • "That's about it for this guy."
  • "Oh and that you will get the magical gem he has."
  • "But, if you don't get it, it's not my fault."
  • "I'm heavily multi-tasking now."
  • "When I think of Steph, my heart aches..."
  • "You asked what is Steph like? She's like an angel."
  • "Beautiful, graceful, lightly perfumed..."
  • "Well, um... I'll tell you the rest next time."
  • "Hee, hee..."


  • "It's a skeleton... Is it vulnerable to Holy? Is it vulnerable to Fire?"
  • "Let's think, everyone!"
  • "Then, what's he resistant to?"
  • "Let's think, everyone!"
  • "Then, what does he have?"
  • "Let's think, everyone!"
  • "Wow, my brain hurts..."
  • "Thinking's tough!"
  • "There is but one solution!"
  • "I must bake my noodle more often."

Ice Gemron[]

  • "He's resistant to ice. Never use ice on him."
  • "He has the ice gem. It's something you should get..."
  • "A hint? Uh, duh. Fuego, fire!"
  • "Nice shot, bud."
  • "Not bad at all..."
  • "You, Xiao, are held captive by my comic genius. Right?"
  • "I'm wondering..."
  • "Is there a decaffeinated brand out there for me...? That I can truly enjoy."
  • "It's a big concern for me..."
  • "What do you think?"


  • "Either way, masks are definitely not for me."
  • "Look! His jaw is busted. Must hurt."
  • "Still that's pretty impressive, going out in public like that. Must be a hit with the ladies."
  • "Or maybe he's an amazing fool."
  • "Don't think attacks will be effective with the mask on."
  • "Wonder if he has a chair in there."
  • "Think that thing gets good mileage, Xiao?"
  • "How does he get into that thing every day?"
  • "Does he have a crane lift him in?"
  • "Wow, he's flexible."

Silver Gear[]

  • "He's just a skeleton, but he has a bow gun."
  • "His weapon is great, but he is meager."
  • "There are alot of guys running around that look like him."
  • "Ack... Glug... !"
  • "......"
  • "Xiao... the throat... easy..."
  • "Agghh!"
  • "Phew, easy girl! You wanna choke me?!"
  • "So he's still kickin' huh?"
  • "Darn, I couldn't get to telling you his weak point!"

Thunder Gemron[]

  • "I think you already knew..."
  • "But just in case... He's resistant to thunder."
  • "The thunder gem is yellow. Did you know that?"
  • "Stating the obvious makes me feel very intelligent."
  • "I wonder if the floating thing next to him is a feather?"
  • "Even feathers have magical gems..."
  • "I think he looks cool. He doesn't fit in here. Go somewhere else."
  • "I can't stand anybody cooler than me! Man, beast or projectile! I must defeat him!"
  • "Now! I will teach you a valuable lesson."
  • "Ha ha ha. And the world revolves around me once again!"

Wind Gemron[]

  • "He has the Wind Gem, so he's extremely resistant to wind."
  • "Ok, go ahead and use wind. But don't say I didn't warn you."
  • "Hey, I can be serious sometimes."
  • "Occasionally I say something useful."
  • "Or Steph will hate me."
  • "Oops, I got sidetracked. Where are we?"
  • "His weak point? He has none."
  • "I told you before but, he's resistant to wind. Repeat, he's resistant to wind."
  • "He's resistant to wind. I mean really resistant.
  • "Oh, did I tell you that he's resistant to wind?"