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Stewart is a support character in Dark Chronicle and worked as Max and Gerald's butler alongside Adel. Stewart wears a typical butler suit, glasses, and sports a large mustache that matches his gray hair. To recruit him, Max had to lent him 2000 Gilda as he was after a book at an auction, but lacked the money himself. Afterward he returned 600 Gilda, and joined him on the Blackstone One.

He sells a few pairs of shoes for Max as part of Stewart Shoes. And when he is in your party he will automatically heal you after three minutes.[citation needed]

Stewart needs to move to Balance Valley for georama quest.

Behind the scenes[]

The character designer, Jun Sonobe, put everything that the word "Butler" meant to him into Stewart's design, making Stewart according to him "a stereotypical butler that seems to have been born for that job.", he also likes the character a lot in a personal manner.[1]



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