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The Sun & Moon Temple is a dungeon in Dark Cloud. It is located near Muska Lacka, in the middle of the Eastern Desert. The Sand Warriors of Muska Lacka guard the temple with their lives, as an ancient ship known as the Moon Ship is in the temple.

The floors in the Sun & Moon Temple are called levels. There are 18 levels in the dungeon. The Gate key item is called the King's Slate, the locked door key is called the Stone Key, and the Back floor key is called the Secret Path Key. Floor 18 is the boss area where the King's Curse is encountered. In order to access the boss room, the Sun Signet and Moon Signet are needed from Zabo and Enga in Muska Lacka.

You may come across a rare stage floor plan in the Sun & Moon Temple where there is a section you can't get to because there is no path to it. This only happens rarely but is easily remedied by leaving and re-entering the Sun & Moon Temple to complete the stage.

Limited Zones[]

Limited zones are random, except for individual character limited zones.



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