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Sun Giant

The Sun Giant is a giant robot in Dark Cloud. It was created by the Moon People's inventor, Osmond. It is featured as the Georama for Yellow Drops, and must be rebuilt in the town's Moon Factory.


Osmond designed a prototype of the Sun Giant, but the power source needed to generate it can only be won as a prize in the Coliseum. Its parts were scattered across the Moon Sea by the Dark Genie, so Toan must recover them with his Atlamillia. When Osmond hears of Toan's plight, he decids to change the Sun Giant's mission to defeating the Dark Genie. Once the Sun Giant is reassembled and the power source installed, Toan and the crew head for Dark Heaven Castle.

The Sun Giant is no match for the Dark Genie's power, and its crew is scattered across the sky. Toan and Osmond are saved by Dran. No one knows what happened to the rest of the crew, though it is stated that the thick clouds below may have cushioned their fall. Neither the Sun Giant nor the crew is ever seen again, though in the text dialogue Dran speaks of going after the crew after dropping off Toan and Osmond at Dark Heaven Castle. You see Dran gong after them when the video segment ends.


  • Parts HD - Crown, Eye
Reward: Coliseum "Admission Ticket"
Right Arm:
  • Parts AMR - Elephant Emblem, Mammoth Tusk, Finger, Ammonite, Twisted Horn
Left Arm:
  • Parts AML - Elephant Emblem, Mammoth Tusk, Finger, Ammonite, Twisted Horn
Right Shoulder:
  • Parts HGR - Big Urn, Eagle Head, Eagle Feather, Amuleo
Left Shoulder:
  • Parts HGL - Big Urn, Eagle Head, Eagle Feather, Gotch
Right Elbow:
  • Parts HGR2 - Urn
Left Elbow:
  • Parts HGL2 - Urn
  • Parts CT - Scale, Crest Armor, Sun Sphere
  • Parts WT - Skirt, Skull, Buffalo's Horn
Right Leg:
Left Leg:
  • Parts TIL - Urn, Boon
Right Foot:
  • Parts FTR - Big Urn, Turtle Shell, Spine of Shell, Nail
Left Foot:
  • Parts FTL - Big Urn, Turtle Shell, Spine of Shell, Nail
Lookout Tower:
  • Lookout - Ladder, Second Floor, Ladder TRANSLATION error but he Nail parts when collected in the original English/North American release are called Claw when collected from the Moon Sea but have the name Nail in the Georama listing.