Laser gun that burns as brightly as exploding stars
— In-game description

The Supernova is one of Max's guns in Dark Cloud 2. This weapon is only built up from the Steal Gun and it is the last beam gun of the "Beam path". Like the Steal Gun, the Supernova is a beam gun, and it's considerably more powerful than the other guns, because as a beam gun, its lasers are generally more effective on enemies than normal guns, machine guns or grenade guns. And as an ultimate weapon it'll have very high stats, so the Supernova can deal with practically any enemy encountered. Its Attack value will also go up faster than normal for the first five levels (+3 instead of +2).

You'll obtain this weapon most of the time with the build-up system: it cannot be bought or invented. The Supernova is a high-tier weapon (Tier 9) : it'll gain 6 Synthesis Points (SP) per level-up.


Type Min Max Type Min Max
Attack 135 500 Durable ? 99
Flame 0 250 Chill 90 250
Lightning 135 250 Cyclone 0 250
Smash 135 250 Exorcism 135 250
Beast 125 250 Scale 135 250