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Support characters are non-player characters that can be recruited to join Maximilian's and Monica's party in Dark Chronicle. They do not take a combat role, but instead provide various means of support, such as selling you specific items, granting you specific items for free, opening locked doors or treasure chests, making the Map and Magic Crystal ability available by default, boosting various weapon stats, restoring health, and several more. Characters that offer free items have 'skill points' with which you can 'buy' an item for free, these refresh naturally over time,

Only one character can join the party at a time, but the remainder can still be accessed at either the Blackstone One or Ixion once they have been recruited, or their new house once they have been rehomed. Recruitment involves talking to them to see what they want from Max, which usually comes down to a specific challenge, requested item, photograph or simply progressing the story. Each character's request and a small background note is written down by Max in his notebook.

Recruited characters often have to be moved into a home through the Georama system, as to ensure 100% completion of each location. Characters often have specific requests as to the design of their house, or the kind of building they want, before they will move in. Their descendants can then often be met in the future, further progressing the story.

Support characters[]

Character Abilities How to recruit
Adel Gradually restores WHP of unequipped weapons.
Sells a few recovery and throwing items.
Bring her one Thick Hide, a Hunk of Copper and Sturdy Cloth. Can be found in treasure chests and bought from Morton's Sundries.
Aunt Polly Produces free bread.
Sells a few food items (both crafting and recovery).
Get the Crunchy Bread from Polly, bring it to Morton in his shop, go out to his house (the one with the pumpkins) and read the note telling him that the fondue night has been cancelled. Go back to Morton and tell him, then back to Polly to finish it (you can keep the bread).
Borneo Improves monster item drop rate.
Sells a few crafting materials.
Joins you automatically.
Cedric Adds a free Synthesis and attribute point upon level-up for Maximilian's melee weapons.
Can repair weapons and Ridepod parts.
Can refuel the ridepod.
Sells Ridepod parts.
Joins you automatically.
Claire Adds two pips to enemies' rage meter.
Sells Gift Capsules.
Show her a picture of the Lafrescia Flower (stem or otherwise), the picture must be stored in the camera.
Corinne Always get an angel with Angel and Devil Coins.
Sells hair ornaments.
Find her inside Morton's house (with the pumpkins), then upstairs in Claire's house, then in Max's bedroom for her to join you.
Donny Opens locked doors.
Opens locked treasure chests.
Sells Repair Powders.
Complete the "Item Shop Restored" Georama achievement in Sindain, and buy the Dark and Indestructible Coins in the future for 1,500 Gilda each, or find them in a treasure chest.
Dr. Dell Cures abnormal statuses.
Sells Mighty Healing.
After talking with Argo in Balance Valley, head back to Palm Brinks and talk to Dr Dell. After hearing about Lin, he will go with you to Balance Valley.
Erik Produces Improved Bombs.
Sells gunpowder.
Joins you automatically.
Fabio Produces bait.
Will sell you fishing bait
Catch and show him a Nonky bigger than 60cm.
Ferdinand Produces Premium Chicken
Sells Premium Chicken.
Give him a Roasted Chestnut, either found in a treasure chest or bought from an item shop in Jurak Mall.
Gerald Adds a free Synthesis and attribute point upon level-up for Maximilian's ranged weapons.
Sells guns.
He will give Maximilian a Trumpet Gun, either upgrade it to a Bell Trigger or find one yourself, and show it to him (a stronger gun is allowed too).
Gordon Grants additional damage on Flora monsters.
Sells crafting materials.
Give him Holy Water (Priest Bruno sells it).
Granny Rosa Produces Cheese
Sells amulets.
A text box will pop up, and you will need to copy the text in the box exactly, including punctuation.
Julia Stuns all enemies within range.
Sells ranged weapons for Monica.
Joins you automatically once Parn does.
Lin Adds a free Synthesis and attribute point upon level-up for Monica's ranged weapons. Joins you automatically after [citation needed]. She also leaves the party permanently at the end of Chapter 3.
Mayor Need Increases money drop rate from monsters.
Can exchange medals for items.
The safe combination is 1221.
Mena Heals both Max and Monica fully, once.
Sells clothing for Monica.
Mena can be found in town hall at various times throughout the day, you must talk to her as Monica. Afterwards, beat ten stages of Spheda for her to join you. Stages beaten before you talked to her do not count, meaning she is missable.
Milane Adds a free Synthesis and attribute point upon level-up for Monica's melee weapons.
Sells swords.
She will give Monica a Gladius. You must bring her a Chopper or a Sand Breaker (or a sword of better quality), either one you built up, or one you found yourself.
Olivie Allows for a free Pumped Up status to both Max and Monica, twice.
Sells lures.
Win any Finny Frenzy race.
Parn Allows for a free dungeon escape.
Sells paint.
Parn will ask Max to bring him Gold Paint so he can bring the picture of his wife to life. Gold Paint can be purchased at purchase the Woody Tailor shop in future Sindain, or obtained by completing the "Jurak's Branch" Georama checkpoint in Sindain to get Gold Paint from the gold eggs in the nest at the top of the branch, then hand it over to Parn.
Pau Makes Map available by default.
Detects Mimics
Detects Gate Key monsters
Once Shigura Village is saved, talk to Pau and give him a Carrot (can be bought from either Fabio or Mushroom Burger Eatery).
Priest Bruno Will revive you from death once per floor.
Sells recovery items.
Talk to Bruno and he'll ask you to blow out all the candles. From the entrance of the church, facing Bruno, turn off the first candle on the left, then the third candle on the right, then the fifth candle on the left, then the sixth (and final) candle on the right. If you mess it up, you can exit and enter the church to reset the candles.
Rufio Grants additonal bonus damage on Undead monsters.
Sells elements.
Show him a picture of the moon from your camera.
Sheriff Blinkhorn Provides free access to Monster Notes. You have 121 seconds to run out to the boat on the dock and back to Blinkhorn. Be careful of the forced camera angles and cut corners as much as possible.
Stewart Heals you automatically.[citation needed]
Sells shoes for Max.
Give him one thousand Gilda, twice, he will return some of the total sum at the end.