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Terra, called Blue Terra by the Moon People, is the world in which the Dark Cloud series takes place. The features of Terra closely resemble that of earth with forests, oceans, caves, and deserts. Although the name Terra is rarely mentioned, it has been brought up enough to be certain that it is the name of the world Dark Cloud 1 and 2 takes place. In the first game.

In the East there was an advanced civilization; the development of technology had brought prosperity and wealth there. In the West, the people lived in harmony with the natural world, co-existing peacefully with the spirits and animals around them. Much of the flora and fauna of Terra is aggressive against outsiders but the more tame occupants of the world are very hospitable towards outsiders, allowing them into their house and making friends quite quickly. Wars have broken out often in Terra, mostly for control of the Atlamillia and for conquest of parts of the world, which as led many leaders such as Flagg and Sirus to resort to dark magical beings to help them gain power over the struggle.

The two moons[]

Two Moons

The Yellow Moon in front and the Blue Moon behind it.

The two moons consist of the larger Yellow Moon and the smaller Blue Moon, the latter of which is summoned as the Star of Oblivion by Griffon. The Yellow Moon of the world is the most prominent. It is also home to the Moon People, a race of short humanoid rabbits. This suggests it is capable of sustaining life, at least in the city of Yellow Drops visited by Toan in Dark Cloud.

The Blue Moon is the smaller of Terra's moons, always appearing behind the Yellow Moon. It is unknown if it orbits the Yellow Moon, or if due to their rotations and orbits they are always in such a position. 10,000 years in the past, from when Griffon and the Moon Flower Palace are originally based, it did not actually exist within the sky, indicating it was created at some point after.