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The Tigriff is a monster featured in the Dark Chronicle. It is a beast type monster, and is one of the large non-wind up monsters of Dark Cloud 2. It makes its debut in Rainbow Butterfly Wood, in Floor 9 - Grotesque Spider Lady. It has a boss variation, the Sphinx that appears in the Zelmite Mine Dead End 3.

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Battle Tactics[]

The Tigriff and its variations may seem very powerful, but it is quite simple to defeat if you know the abilities of its attacks. It has two short range attacks. The first is a medium-short based attack consisting of the Tigriff throwing razor sharp feathers at the player. Bear in mind: This attack can pierce the player's block. However, as long as you move up right next to the Tigriff so you cannot move any closer, it's feather attack cannot hit you, because the attack only works at a certain range: It will fly over you causing the attack to go to far from you.

The second attack, a jumping claw attack, does high damage, but does not pierce the player's defense. If you time your attacks properly you can defeat this monster without taking any damage. This monster can be difficult to kill, as its "pain chance" is somewhat low, it'll only become phased after the 3rd or 4th strike of Max or Monica's melee combo. Keep hitting the Tigriff and blocking in sequence, and it will eventually go down however.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud 2 Tigriff Chimera Leogriff
Habitat Rainbow Butterfly Wood Mount Gundor Moon Flower Palace
Type Beast Beast Beast
Hit Points 140 490 2500
Attack/Defense 21/13 54/45 110/60
ABS/Gilda 22/24 96/68 195/112
Weakness Flame (150%), Beast (220%) Beast (220%) Beast (300%)
Effective Weapons Sword (120%) Sword (120%) Sword (120%)
Ineffective Weapons Wrench (50%), Beam (50%), Grenade (50%), Magic (50%) Wrench (50%), Gun (50%), Beam (50%), Grenade (50%), Magic (50%) Wrench (50%), Gun (50%), Beam (50%), Grenade (50%), Magic (50%)
Item Inventory Stamina Drink, Power Crystal Potato Cake, Power Crystal Stamina Drink, Power Crystal

Variation Gallery[]