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Toan is the main protagonist of Dark Cloud. He is the wielder of a blue Atlamillia, and the warrior chosen by the Fairy King.


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Not much is described about Toan before the night of the attack by Flagg and the Dark Genie. He lives in Norune Village with his mother Renee, his father Aga having left them both either prior to or shortly after Toan's birth.




Concept art.

Toan wears a green tasseled beanie and has medium length brown hair with long sides. He has large, grey eyes. He wears an orange poncho over a white tank-top, as well as a red sash, skinny black pants, brown boots and brown gloves. In addition, the satchel in which he carries his items can be seen on a brown buckled belt he wears around his waist.


During their first encounter, the Fairy King states that Toan has a "strong will that can withstand the dark power". Whether it's meant as mental fortitude like Seda or a physical resistance against it is not specified. He is also shown to be quite selfless, dashing to save Paige from a collapsing windmill during the attack on Norune and throwing himself in the way of a powerful attack from the possessed Seda to protect Xiao.

Despite his inexperience, Toan seems to have an affinity for sword fighting, having quick footwork and decent ability to dodge attacks in duels, but was still outclassed in a duel against the more experienced Seda.


Toan has the ability to open the Atla spread across the dungeons. He can increase his defense with the Fluffy Donut, which is found in miracle chests.

Toan's weapons are daggers and swords. In the Japanese version his attack is a vertical single swing attack much like Goro's, while in the North American version he has a full horizontal combo ending with a vertical jump slash. The charged jump slash is the same, however.