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Toan is the main protagonist of Dark Cloud. Toan is the wielder of a blue Atlamillia, and the chosen warrior by the Fairy King. He wears a green tasseled beanie and has medium length brown hair with long sides. He has large, grey eyes. He wears an orange poncho over a white tank-top, as well as a red sash, skinny black pants, brown boots and brown gloves. In addition, the satchel in which he carries his items can be seen on a brown buckled belt he wears around his waist. Toan also has a special ability as he can open atla spread across the dungeon.

In the Japanese version Toan's attack is a vertical single swing attack much like Goro's while in the North American version he has a full horizontal combo ending with a vertical jump slash. The charged jump slash is the same however.

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