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Toan's weapons are knifes, sabers, rapiers, shortswords, and greatswords, in Dark Cloud. Toan can use to jump in the air and slash down. Charging twice after completing Norune Village 100% will cause Toan to spin around with the sword, called a Windmill Slash, which deals more damage. They all have a 5-hit combo, regardless of the type.

Learning the Windmill Slash from Dran in the PlayStation 4 version of Dark Cloud will unlock the silver trophy Hometown Hero.

General information[]

Icon Weapon Inventory description Weapon ability
Dagger icon Dagger Fairly easy to use. Default weapon.
Baselard icon Baselard A big single-edged sword with long reach. Easy to use.
Cliff Knife icon Crysknife Stylet with magical power.
Gladius icon Gladius Light wt. double-edged sword. Fairly high attack power.
Kitchen Knife icon Kitchen Knife Low attack power but causes major damage to water monsters. Quench
Bone Rapier icon Bone Rapier Made of bone. Ability unknown.
Bastard Sword icon Buster Sword Double-edged powerful sword.
Chopper icon Chopper Light and easy to use dagger.
Sand Breaker icon Sand Breaker Made of desert sand. Absorbs water. Thirst
Sax icon Sax Easy to use single-handed sword.
Serpent Slicer icon Serpent Sword Sword with absolute power over snakes. Extremely rare.
Small Sword icon Small Sword Light and easy to use sword.
Shamshir icon Shamshir Characterized by its curved edge. Light and easy to use.
Antique Sword icon Antique Sword Sword of antiquity made a long time ago. Stop
Choora icon Choora A dagger with pretty pattern on it.
Claymore icon Claymore Big and double-handed. Heavy and powerful.
Dusack icon Dusack Unique single-hand sword. Cuts well.
Evilcise icon Evilcise Single-edged sword with magical power.
Macho Sword icon Macho Sword Sword with muscle power. Arming it makes you exercise.
Tsukikage icon Tsukikage Sword with sacred power of moon beam.
Wise Owl Sword icon Wise Owl Sword Legendary sword made by Wise Owl's artisan.
7 Branch Sword icon 7 Branch Sword Ancient sword with mysterious power.
Ruler's Sword icon Aga's Sword Sword owned by legendary hero Aga.
Brave Ark icon Brave Ark Legendary treasure that was revived after many years.
Cross Heinder icon Cross Hinder Very powerful double hand treasure sword.
Drain Seeker icon Drain Seeker Feared magic sword. Absorb health power. Drain
Ama no Murakumo icon Heaven's Cloud Belongs to Katanas. Has the strongest potential.
Lamb's Sword (lamb) icon
Lamb's Sword (wolf) icon
Lamb's Sword Timid. Sword like a lamb. Appears to be weak but...
Maneater icon Maneater Fearful sword that eats human souls.
Mardan Sword icon Mardan Eins Sword dwelled in by Lucky Mardan Garayan.
Sun Sword icon Sun Sword Legendary sword with power to cut through darkness.
Atlamillia Sword icon Atlamillia Sword Sword that inherited Atlamilla, the legendary gem.
Big Bang icon Big Bang Star energy is condensed and creates sword's energy.
Dark Cloud (weapon) icon Dark Cloud Magical sword with the power of darkness.
Garayan Sword icon Mardan Twei Sword dwelled in by Lucky Mardan Garayan.
7th Heaven icon 7th Heaven Beautiful sword. Tears the heavens.
Mardan Garayan (weapon) icon Arise Mardan Sword dwelled in by Lucky Mardan Garayan.
Chronicle Sword icon Chronicle Sword Worlds crumble before its might.
Sword of Zeus icon Sword of Zeus Zeus' swords with unlimited ability.
Chronicle 2 icon Chronicle 2 Proof of subjugation. Demon Shaft.

Weapon flowchart[]

Kitchen Knife
Small Sword
Sand Breaker
Serpent Sword
Bone Rapier
Buster Sword
Macho Sword
Wise Owl Sword
Antique Sword
Macho Sword
Mardan Eins
Aga's Sword
Lamb's Sword
7 Branch Sword
Brave Ark
Heaven's Cloud
Drain Seeker
Sun Sword
Cross Hinder
Mardan Twei
Atlamillia Sword
Dark Cloud
Big Bang
Chronicle Sword
Chronicle 2
7th Heaven
Sword of Zeus
Arise Mardan


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