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The Tortoise is a monster encountered in Dark Chronicle. It's a somewhat aqua-blue turtle, similar in appearance to the Turtle and its variations, but doesn't have the same attacks or behavior.

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Battle Tactics[]

This turtle, contrary to the Underground Channel's Turtle, has a completely different attack: instead of rolling at a very fast speed, the Tortoise will simply extend its neck in order to bite the player. It has short range and can be blocked, but its speed can surprise the player and make it difficult to get an opening from the front.

The best way to kill it is to attack it from behind, because the Tortoise will have to turn in order to face the player, and fortunately, it does so at a slow speed. It is recommended to land a few hits on them and keep moving to stay behind them rather than perform a full combo. The reason is because the Tortoise can't be knocked over, and if a combo finisher hits it, it'll get its position shifted to where it's facing the player. This will almost always be followed up with a fast and tricky to avoid counterattack (This applies to all enemies that can't be knocked over, like the Elfas and King Mimics).

If you need to fight a Tortoise with ranged attacks, use either Lasers or Monica's Armbands to deal with them. Keep in mind that Tortoises have an annoying habit of blocking ranged attacks often, so just keep the pressure on and it will eventually go down.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud 2 Tortoise Sea Tortoise Star Tortoise Ebony Tortoise
Habitat Rainbow Butterfly Wood Ocean's Roar Cave Ocean's Roar Cave Star Path Zelmite Mine
Type Aquatic Aquatic Aquatic Aquatic
Hit Points 100 335 590 7800
Attack/Defense 19/11 47/37 74/50 152/105
ABS/Gilda 14/15 66/36 118/112 360/145
Weakness Lightning (200%), Smash (200%) Lightning (200%), Smash (200%) Chill (200%), Smash (200%) Lightning (150%), Smash (200%)
Effective Weapons Wrench (150%), Beam (150%), Grenade (150%) Wrench (150%), Beam (150%), Grenade (150%) Wrench (150%), Grenade (150%) Wrench (145%), Grenade (150%)
Ineffective Weapons Sword (50%), Gun (30%) Sword (50%), Gun (30%) Sword (50%), Gun (30%), Beam (50%), Magic (20%) Sword (50%), Gun (30%), Beam (50%), Magic (20%)
Item Inventory Mellow Banana, Sea Dragon Crystal, Water Element Mellow Banana, Protector Crystal, Water Element Mellow Banana, Lightning Crystal, Water Element Mellow Banana, Sea Dragon Crystal, Water Element

Variation Gallery[]