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Treant is the Tree Spirit that looks after Matataki Village. He first appears as a withered version of himself, but later returns to normal. At first, Treant appears as a withered tree, eyes sunken down and little life left in him. Once Toan connects the river to him, however, he springs back to life. He has eyes resembling that of a snail, which he often uses to gesture to things in place of hands. He also has tremendous nostril-shaped openings below his eyes, which he uses to speak and give gifts. He has moss growing over many places of his "body".

Treant speaks in an ancient fairy dialect that is lost within the threads of history. Only with the Hunter's Earring, previously possessed by Goro, can most people hear him speak. Goro has had enough experience with Treant to learn the dialect. To those that can hear, he is a very wise tree, giving his wisdom in the form of light conversation. When Toan first awakens him, he gives Toan the Serpent Sword, the only thing capable of defeating the Killer Snake. Once Toan completes all of the residents' requests, he gives Toan a Powerup Powder, and Goro the axe left behind by Fudoh, the Battle Axe.


This glitch enables the player to get an extra Gourd, Fruit of Eden and Beast Buster. When you have completed Floor 8 of Wise Owl Forest, you should have all the river parts. But before you connect the river with Treant, visit him and collect the three chests. Then connect the river with Treant. Go back to Treant, and there it is, all three chests again.