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Tren was a common village girl, who lived in the future, in a village near Monica Raybrandt's castle. She never actually appeared in Dark Chronicle, but had a few scenes in a short prequel on a disc that came with the Dark Chronicle Settei x Fanbook.[1][2]. She was an ordinary, fourteen years old, village girl with black hair, blue eyes, and a freckled face. She always wore the same two outfits, and also shared half of unusual food that she found with Monica. Monica thought of her as compassionate and polite, but also considered her somewhat simple due to her upbringing.


Tren used to hang out with Monica, whom she considered her friend, unaware of her true status. At some point Tren said she would probably never get to wear a dress like the one she saw the princess wearing one day. Later Tren would refuse the dress that Monica wanted her to wear, after which she ran away crying, aware of Monica's status as royalty. She thought Monica was making fun of her, and ran away, crying. Shortly after the village was attacked by Emperor Griffon's forces, during which Tren managed to gather a group of children, leading them to the caves for safety. Monica found her at that time, but Tren told her to return to the castle, saying that she was still her best friend. After Monica left Tren was not seen again.



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