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The Trentos is a boss monster in Dark Chronicle, encountered in the Chamber of the Sleeping Earth Gem in the Rainbow Butterfly Wood's star path. It is the boss variation of the Tore. Defeating it is necessary to obtain the Earth Gem, needed for completing Chapter 6.

Battle Tactics[]

The Trentos is a boss variation of the Tore, so it has the same behavior and attacks. It moves noticeably faster toward you than the Tore, so be mindful of that. The best way to defeat it is to use the Ridepod equipped with a good long-range weapon, because it has no means of attacking you at long range. With fast feet, you should be able to outpace it and repeatedly attack it with the Nova Cannon. Alternatively, Monica's swords and Max's grenades do extra damage to this boss, especially with a high flame stat, and should take it down quickly.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud 2 Trentos
Habitat Rainbow Butterfly Wood
Type Flora
Hit Points 1400
Attack/Defense 78/60
ABS/Gilda 140/123
Weakness Flame (300%), Lightning (150%)
Effective Weapons Sword (120%), Grenade (150%)
Ineffective Weapons None
Item Inventory None