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The Turtle is a monster that is encountered in Dark Chronicle. It makes its debut in the Underground Channel, Floor 3.

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Battle Tactics[]

The Turtle and its variations can cause trouble to the player if you're not careful. It only has one attack: it'll roll towards the player at a quite fast speed, knocking down the player if he gets hit by this attack. Take note that this attack will be executed at different speeds; it may take its time at range, and all of a sudden bolt at you. Because of this, it is advised to stay on your toes and be ready to block at all times.

The one real method to kill this monster is to fire one time with your ranged weapon in order to attract it. Bear in mind it may take one or two shots to find the max distance depending on the range. After doing this, charge your melee attack and when the turtle arrives, release your charged attack; it will knock down the turtle. Then, get close to the turtle and deal as much damage possible with your melee weapon. For the later variations, it will take several attempts to defeat them, so be ready to block as soon as it gets up, or ready another charge attack.

Monster Notes[]

Dark Cloud 2 Turtle Fintol Arkerath Bolter
Habitat Underground Channel Ocean's Roar Cave Ocean's Roar Cave Star Path Zelmite Mine
Type Aquatic Aquatic Aquatic Aquatic
Hit Points 50 220 550 5800
Attack/Defense 7/2 36/31 71/50 142/95
ABS/Gilda 6/6 44/24 110/112 300/85
Weakness Lightning (220%), Smash (200%) Lightning (220%), Smash (220%) Chill (200%), Smash (200%) Lightning (150%), Smash (200%), Exorcism (200%)
Effective Weapons Wrench (150%), Beam (150%), Grenade (150%) Wrench (150%), Beam (150%), Grenade (150%) Wrench (150%), Grenade (150%) Wrench (150%), Grenade (150%)
Ineffective Weapons Sword (50%), Gun (30%) Sword (50%), Gun (30%) Sword (50%), Beam (50%), Gun (30%), Magic (20%) Sword (50%), Beam (50%), Gun (30%), Magic (20%)
Item Inventory Stone, Protector Crystal, Wind Element Stone, Protector Crystal, Water Element Stone, Protector Crystal, Water Element Stone, Protector Crystal, Water Element

Variation Gallery[]