Underground Water Channel

The Underground Water Channel as seen in the Japanese version of Dark Chronicle

The Underground Water Channel is the first dungeon in Dark Cloud 2. It is one of two dungeons in Palm Brinks and the shortest in the game as well with only 8 combat stages- 2 boss floors and 6 Floor Episodes , two of which are boss floors. It is here where Maximilian goes "To the Outside World" and learns the photography mechanic as well as gains access to the Ridepod from Cedric. He is chased through the channel, which is a massive sewer system, by clowns led by Flotsam who is responsible for both the circus darling Linda elephant boss and the second boss; Halloween.


Time attackEdit

The channel has some of the shortest maximum times for medals, which means that winning the Time attack medal on each floor is mostly based on luck. It is important to ignore chests as well as ABS and Gilda drops from defeated monsters, and it may be helpful to rely on Pau's ability to get a map from the start. A fast Ridepod is also recommended, together with homing or long-range weaponry.

The final two Floor Episodes contain Mimics, forcing the player to open chests and further rely on luck.


Spheda is considerably difficult here, as the tiny channels of water on the side of the path count as 'Off course' zones. The Swan, Turkey and Handy Stick are recommended.


Perhaps the trickiest aspect of acquiring the Item-Only medal is that the player must deal with bats; it is easiest to kill them with a Final Bomb, but it is also possible to knock them down with a crate, though the latter is rather difficult.


Channel Entrance Edit

The Channel Entrance is technically not a floor, and contains no monsters or chests- however it is the first stage on the Dungeon screen. Players will find Donny here, and those seeking to turn in Scoops to him for Photography points will return here often.

Floor Episode 1-0 : To the Outside WorldEdit

Total ABS / Gilda 108 / 108

- Clown x6
- Froggy x6
- Sewer Rat x6 (Key)

Time Attack 2:35
Spheda Reward Treasure Chest Key x2
Floor Goal Without Healing

Floor Episode 1-1 : Battle with RatsEdit

Total ABS / Gilda 116 / 120

- Baron Balloon x4
- Bat x5
- Clown x2
- Froggy x4
- Sewer Rat x3 (Key)

Time Attack 2:40
Spheda Reward Diamond
Floor Goal Items only

Floor Episode 1-2 : Ghost in the ChannelEdit

Total ABS / Gilda 98 / 105

- Bat x3
- Night Stalker x3
- Turtle x4
- Baron Balloon x4 (Key)

Time Attack 3:00
Spheda Reward Improved Bomb x4
Floor Goal Max's Wrench only

Channel Pump RoomEdit

A large room containing many pumps, it is here where Max encounters Linda the circus elephant.

This portion of the game contains content which may be accidentally missed Edit

In order to not miss the opportunity to obtain a scoop, the player must use the camera to take a picture of the elephant while she is doing the style of attack where she rises up on her hind legs, before smashing down with her front feet.

Floor Episode 1-3 : Steve's BattleEdit

Total ABS / Gilda 162 / 170

- Bat x5
- Clown x2
- Mimic x3
- Night Stalker x4
- Vanguard x4 (Key)

Time Attack 2:45
Spheda Reward Level Up Powder x2
Floor Goal Ridepod only

Floor Episode 1-4 : Sweet, Scary Treasure ChestEdit

Total ABS / Gilda 122 / 126

- Darkness x4
- Froggy x4
- King Mimic x1
- Vanguard x3 (Key)

Time Attack 2:30
Spheda Reward Treasure Chest Key
Floor Goal Without Healing

Channel ReservoirEdit

The last floor inside the Channel, a massive reservoir for the Channel's water. Max encounters Halloween here, and marks the ONLY opportunity to gain a scoop which may otherwise be accidentally and permanently missed.

Missable scoop

The Clown Robo's Attack scoop can be gotten by taking a picture of it when it is launching a missile, which can be triggered by moving away from one of the red nose balls that he shoots towards Max. The eye plates where the missile is launched from must be visible in the photo for the scoop to be accounted for. This photo gives an idea which grants the ability to make the Clown Foot, but also clown Ridepod parts as well.

Channel ExitEdit

Technically not a floor inside the dungeon, but rather an exit area outside. Max is picked up by Cedric and his crew and set forth into the outside world, until Flotsam arrives in a last-ditch effort to stop them.

Story synopsisEdit

To the Outside World Edit

As Max enters the first floor he receives a call from Donny, who teaches him about dungeons and how they work. At the end of the level a part of Max' letter is revealed. And then it shows Max asking his father about the location of his mother while having dinner.

I pressed on, deeper into the Underground Channel. I had said "I want to see the Outside World" to Donny, there was a second reason why I wanted to go there.

— Maximilian, Letter

Battle with Rats Edit

Another part of Max' letter is revealed upon entering the "Battle with Rats" floor. The latter sentence is only revealed after scene with a young crying Max being comforted by his mother.

The Underground Channel ran on ahead in front of me. As I pressed on, heading deeper, for some reason thoughts of you, Mother, filled my head. I don't remember your face now, mother. Even though I must have seen it so often, when I was small.

— Maximilian, Letter

Channel Pump Room Edit


Channel Pump Room concept art

Upon entering the "Channel Pump Room" Max calls Donny to tell him that he arrived in a large room with tanks everywhere. Donny explains to Max that it is the pump room, he also explains that the pumps are used to draw water from the lake on the outside and that Max is not far from the outside at this moment. Shortly after, Max is confronted with Linda, Flotsam's circus elephant. Flotsam tells that he got informations on Max, he also says that he knows things about Max's mother, but Max has to give him the red Atlamillia if he wants to know more.

Linda proves to be invulnerable to Max' weapons and when the fight turns for the worse a sudden development occurs. Just before dealing the final blow to max, a rock hits her, a rock thrown by Credic's Ridepod. He jumps towards Linda, pummels her and knocks her out with a flurry of blows. Flotsam intervenes however and revives Linda, forcing Cedric to continue. But just as he is about to punch, the Ridepod runs out of fuel, forcing him to retreat with Max.

Afterwards, Cedric teaches him of photography and inventing and gives the Ridepod to him. Max returns and defeats Linda with the newly upgraded machine. There is a brief story sequence which shows Cedric heading to Mayor Need's office, asking everything the mayor knows about the Atlamillia and what is going on outside Palm Brinks.

Steve's Battle Edit

After exiting the following floor; "Steve's Battle", a cutscene opens to show Mayor Need, who has finished explaining to Cedric what he wanted to hear. Then, Cedric asks Need to re-open the Blackstone Railroad so they can try to fix the situation. Need finally accepts Cedric's proposition. Then another scene shows the Blackstone being re-opened by Cedric, Erik and Borneo.

Channel Reservoir Edit


The Channel Reservoir

Max is impressed by the size of the room upon entry, while heading towards the exit he hears loud footsteps coming from Halloween who is accompanied by Flotsam. Flotsam once again asks him for the Atlamillia, but Max refuses and a fight commences. After defeating Halloween it explodes, to Flotsam's surprise, knocking him away. Two clowns appear and carry his ravaged body away as Max approaches him.

Channel Exit Edit

Outside of Palm Brinks

The Channel Exit

As he exits the Channel he observes the outside world, as he notices Blackstone One arrive. Cedric stops and exits the train, telling him of how he repaired the train and asks him to get in. Cedrics explains to him why the city was being insulated from the rest of the world when the train gets heavily struck on one side, Cedric asks Max to check it out.

When Max climbs up to the first train car he sees Flotsam and his henchman driving the P-3000 and shooting at the Blackstone One. Cedric hands Max several bombs to stop Flotsam. He succeeds, causing the vehicle to explode, but Flotsam escapes and jumps onto the train. Removing his jacket, he reveals a large amount of dynamite strapped to his body and threatens to destroy the train with everyone on board. Suddenly the red-haired boy appears, revealing his true identity to be Monica Raybrandt, who promptly attacks Flotsam, slicing his dynamite and strapping away with a combo of skillful cuts and slashes and kicks him off the train, ending the clown troupe leader.

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