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Ungaga is a warrior from Muska Lacka. Toan initially meets him sitting outside the Sun/Moon Temple, brooding over his failure to protect the town from the Dark Genie's attack. He is eventually convinced to fight by Theo, a Moon Person from Brownboo Village.


Before the events of the game, he was stung by a scorpion, practically a death sentence in his circumstances. However he was found by Mikara, youngest of the Three Sisters, who sucked the poison from the wound at risk to her own life. Afterwards, he chooses her from the three sisters to marry. Ungaga is popular with the ladies in his village, since they consider him as a strong, handsome man who is greatly admired by the villagers.


(Scan) Ungaga Concept art

Ungaga is a proud warrior, shamed after his perceived failure to protect Mikara and the village. His pride as a warrior is everything to him, and he is fiercely loyal to those around him. Ungaga is a tall, African-like warrior, and possibly the oldest member in the party, save Osmond. He has tattoos on either shoulder, as well as a line across his face, possibly paint. Although topless, he wears a long, flowing sash-type garment, headwear with two feathers, white pants and sandals.


Ungaga wields spears and pole-arms, making him a close range fighter like Toan and Goro, though the one with the longest range. His charge attack, a tornado spin that can clear black wind from doorways, is not particularly damaging but is capable of getting several hits. This ability is crucial for defeating the King's Curse, as it is the only attack capable of lifting the black wind that surrounds him. Like all character's charge attacks, it decreases WHP, although Ungaga's charge attack is the most harmful to his weapons. His charge attack steadily leeches away WHP even if the strikes don't connect. If you are making use of his powerful charge attack keep a close eye on your ever decreasing WHP bar.

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