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Ungaga's weapons are spears and lances in Dark Cloud. Ungaga uses the the melee weapon with the longest range, and is capable of a three-hit combo that first strikes forward, followed by a swing to the left and a swing to the right. His charge attack is a vertical spin of his spear, with which he can blow away smoke.

General information[]

Icon Weapon Inventory description Weapon ability
Fighting Stick icon Fighting Stick Stick used in combat by desert warriors. Default weapon.
5 Foot Nail icon 5 Foot Nail Cursed lance. A stab may finish off enemy. Critical
Halberd icon Halberd Powerful lance with axe blade.
Javelin icon Javelin Light-weight and easy to use lance.
De Sanga icon De Sanga Light-weight and easy to use forked lance.
Partisan icon Partisan Lance with sharp and thick blade.
Scorpion icon Scorpion Lance with poisoned blade. Puts enemy in poisoned state. Poison
Cactus icon Cactus Pole weapon with cactus ball. Smashes enemy.
Mirage icon Mirage Legendary lance made by ancient desert people.
Terra Sword icon Terra Sword Strongest lance made by fairies of Terra.
Babel's Spear icon Babel's Spear Sacred lance that slashes even time.
Hercules' Wrath icon Hercules' Wrath Legendary lance with dreadful destructive power.

Weapon flowchart[]

5 Foot Nail
Fighting Stick
De Sanga
Hercules' Wrath
Terra Sword
Babel's Spear


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