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Veniccio is a location found in Dark Chronicle . It is the 4th area the player visits and the central location in Chapter 4. It is a coastal area with several large beaches, with some large caves nearby. Shigura routinely visit here during their migrations and collect the Luna shards that litter the beaches.

Despite there being several buildings on the edges of the landscape, Pau is the only inhabitant when Max arrives, and is in care of an injured Shigura called Shingala. Human medicine has no effect on it so it needs special Shigura medicine to be healed. Over the course of the Chapter he will rebuild the area in order to restore the Lunatic Wisdom Laboratories in the future.


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Georama requirements[]

Georama achievement Sub conditions %
Luna Lab foundation restored 8 blocks of Pier Part placed
Someone resides in Veniccio
30 Culture Points obtained
Lab 1 restored Luna Lab foundation restored
Red Iron House placed
Claire lives in Red Iron House
Boat near Red Iron House
Lab 2 restored Luna Lab foundation restored
Blue Iron House placed
Donny lives in Blue Iron House
Boat near Blue Iron House
Lab 3 restored Luna Lab foundation restored
Purple Iron House placed
Boat near Purple Iron House
Lab 4 restored Luna Lab foundation restored
Green Iron House placed
Boat near Green Iron House
Luna Lab restored All 4 Labs restored
Shigura Village saved
50 Culture Points obtained
Search Lights restored Luna Lab restored
8 Luna Stone Lights placed
60 Culture Points obtained
Weather Vanes restored Luna Lab restored
Windmill placed
Symbol of Luna Lab restored Luna Lab restored
80 Culture Points obtained