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Weapon abilities are special attributes that grant positive or negative effects to weapons in the Dark Cloud series. In Dark Cloud, specific weapons will have a specific effect by default, which then carries over when it is built up into a new weapon. It is possible to Status Break a weapon into a SynthSphere that carries all of its abilities and will grant them to another weapon once absorbed. Dark Chronicle continues this trend, but adds Coins, rare items that can grant their ability freely to any weapon. Some abilities cannot co-exist on one weapon and will thus cancel each other out, resulting in none, which is required to remove certain negative abilities.

Sometimes, in Dark Cloud, if you attach a SynthSphere containing the opposite ability of the base weapon's natural ability and then proceed to Upgrade the base weapon, the base weapon retains its natural ability instead of having it canceled out. This can go either way, so be wary when you are trying to nullify something like Poor or Fragile from a weapon with a Big Bucks or Durable SynthSphere.

Stealing an item from a monster using the Steal ability will grant you the silver trophy Sticky Fingers.

Dark Cloud[]

Icon Name Information Weapons
Abs Up from DC1 icon Abs Up Increases Abs absorption by 20%. Trial Hammer
Big Bucks icon Big Bucks Doubles the money acquired when you defeat an enemy. Opposite of Poor. Big Bucks Hammer
Critical from DC1 icon Critical Small chance to kill an enemy with one hit. 5 Foot Nail
Drain icon Drain Restores a small amount of hit points(about 1% of the damage dealt, regardless of enemy's health) with each attack. Opposite of Heal. Drain Seeker
Durable (ability) from DC1 icon Durable Delays the rate at which WHp is lost. Opposite of Fragile. Random
Fragile from DC1 icon Fragile Increases the rate at which WHp is lost. Opposite of Durable. Random
Heal from DC1 icon Heal Restores 1 Health Point every couple of seconds. Opposite of Drain. Angel Shooter
Poison (ability) from DC1 icon Poison Small chance to Poison an enemy, causing it to lose health over time. Scorpion
Poor icon Poor Decreases the Gilda acquired when you defeat an enemy. Opposite of Big Bucks. Trial Hammer
Quench icon Quench Reduces the rate at which the thirst meter decreases. Opposite of Thirst. Kitchen Knife
Steal from DC1 icon Steal Small chance to steal an item from an enemy hitting them. Bandit Slingshot
Bandit's Ring
Stop (ability) from DC1 icon Stop Small chance to freeze an enemy during an attack. Antique Sword
Thirst (ability) icon Thirst Doubles the rate at which the thirst meter empties, but each slain enemy refills one drop. Opposite of Quench. Sand Breaker

Dark Chronicle[]

Icon Ability Information Weapons
ABS Up from DC2 icon ABS Up Receive 20% more ABS points from defeated enemies. Thorn Armlet
Ruler's Sword
Absorb icon Absorb Every hit has a 15% chance to absorb 2% of damage dealt as health to the player. Opposite of Heal. Dark Viper
Drain Seeker
Critical from DC2 icon Critical Every hit has a 15% chance to deal 80% increased damage. Opposite of Dark. Falcon
Small Sword
Chronicle 2
Dark icon Dark Increases damage dealt by 50%, but you lose 1% of health with every hit. Opposite of Critical. Soul Breaker
Dark Excalibur
Durable (ability) from DC2 icon Durable Weapon WHP decreases at a slower rate. Opposite of Fragile. Cubic Hammer
Cross Heinder
Mobius Bangle
Fragile from DC2 icon Fragile Weapon WHP decreases at a faster rate. Opposite of Durable. Swan
Sand Breaker
Heal from DC2 icon Heal Gradually heal by 1 health point every 5 seconds. Opposite of Absorb. Shining Bravado
Mardan Garayan
Poison (ability) from DC2 icon Poison Every hit has a small chance to poison enemies. Poison Wrench
Bone Rapier
Drain Seeker
Poverty icon Poverty Decreases Gilda dropped by defeated enemies by 30%. Opposite of Wealth. Question Shooter
Wise Owl Sword
Thorn Armlet
Steal from DC2 icon Steal Every hit has a small chance to steal items from enemies. Stinger Wrench
Kubera's Hand
Steal Gun
Bandit Brassard
Stop (ability) from DC2 icon Stop Every hit has a small chance to stop enemies completely. Antique Sword
Chronicle Sword
Wealth icon Wealth Increases Gilda dropped from defeated enemies by 30%. Opposite of Poverty. Big Bucks Hammer
Platinum Brassard