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The Werewolf is a monster in Dark Cloud. It is first encountered in the Wise Owl Forest. It is easily identified by its giant white claws and the loud thumping noise it makes while it walks. A variation of the Werewolf, the White Fang, has white fur and wooden armor.

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The Werewolf is a beast-type monster appearing in the later territories of Wise Owl Forest. It proves to be an annoying enemy as it is quick to block your attacks. The Werewolf's main attack is a simple uppercut with its claw at close range. However, its rarely used attack is a jumping swipe that can catch an unfamiliar player off guard. The best strategy to deal with Werewolves is to get close enough where you see them pause to wind up for their uppercut, and then you can catch them with your own attacks. Since it gives a large amount of ABS early on, if you want to get experience fast, use a Sun Dew on Territory 10 and keep re-entering the back floor.

The White Fang, in the Demon Shaft, is immune to all elements. Disable weapon attributes before engaging it.

Monster Notes[]

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Dark Cloud Werewolf White Fang White Fang
Habitat Wise Owl Forest Moon Sea Demon Shaft
Fire Zone
Type Beast Beast Beast
Hit Points 180 525 1800
ABS 12 10 15
Defend Yes Yes Yes
Weakness Holy Holy None
Drops ? ? Cheese
Steal Stand-in Powder None None