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Wilder is a character in Dark Cloud. He is the Sheriff of Queens, alongside his deputy Sam. He takes his job seriously, and is always ready to help Toan and company. He'd like his station to have two prison cells to deal with Queens' criminals, and be positioned near King so he can keep an eye on him. Upon completion of his house, he issues Toan with a Search Warrant so he can find out more about the Moon Orb from Joker.

Once Queens' Georama is 100% completed, he'll reward Toan with the Macho Sword, which was originally a gift for his nephew Macho in Norune Village. However, Macho preferred to fight with his bare hands. Of note is that this sword offers one of the easiest paths to the Chronicle Sword.


  • Sheriff's Office
    • Prison
    • Prison
    • Sign
    • Bicycle
    • Sam
    • Wilder