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The Wise Owl Forest is a dungeon in Dark Cloud. It is accessed from Matataki Village. The floors in the Wise Owl Forest are called Territories. There are 17 territories the dungeon. The Gate key items are the Pointy Chestnut, Red Berry, and Shiny Stone, the locked door key is called the Mustache Key, and the Back floor key is called Sun Dew. Territory 17 is called "Dwelling of Forest Guard," and is where the Boss, Forest Keeper Master Utan, is encountered.

Wise Owl Forest is the home of the Legendary Killer Snake. The forest is also home to the Legendary Pockle Seven according to Steve, which are seven dwarfs named after the seven days of the week, and they to got their own weapon named after them, the Pocklekul.

Limited Zones[]

Limited zones are random, except for individual character limited zones.
  • Territory 4 - Xiao only
  • Territory 12 - Goro only



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