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Witch Illza

The Witch Illza is a monster encountered in Dark Cloud, found in the Wise Owl Forest. She wears a red robe and carries around a basket of poisonous apples. Her later variant, Witch Hellza, wears a blue robe and uses a skull staff.

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Battle Tactics[]

Witch Illza is a particularly annoying monster, she throws poisonous apples, teleports all over the place, and has a dangerous close range attack. It is difficult to kill her with a close ranged weapon such as a sword or club due to her teleportation, so fighting at close range will most likely lead nowhere. It would be best to use a projectile weapon while strafing to avoid the poison apples. Her later variant, Witch Hellza, blasts fireballs at you rather than throw poison apples, but the same battle tactics apply.

Monster Notes[]

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Dark Cloud Witch Illza Witch Hellza Witch Hellza
Habitat Wise Owl Forest Moon Sea Demon Shaft
Ice Zone
Type Mage Mage Mage
Hit Points 120 270 1500
ABS 3 5 20
Defend No No No
Weakness None Holy None
Steal Poisonous Apple Poisonous Apple Poisonous Apple

Variation Gallery[]