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World map from DC1

The World Map is an essential quest item which becomes available upon completion of the Divine Beast Cave in Dark Cloud. The map, which is given to Toan by Dran, is imbued with magic which allows instant travel to any location by selecting it via a menu. Only locations which have been discovered or added to the map by other characters may be traveled to. Unlike the official game manual and other quest items, the World Map does not take up space in Toan's inventory.


Location Available upon
Norune Village Receiving the world map item.
Divine Beast Cave Receiving the world map item.
Matataki Village Receiving the world map item.
Wise Owl Forest Upon discovery.
Brownboo Village After defeating Master Utan.
Queens After talking to Mayor Nem.
Shipwreck Upon discovery.
Muska Lacka After talking to Mayor.
Sun and Moon Temple Upon discovery.
Yellow Drops Upon discovery.
Moon Factory Upon discovery.
Moon Sea Upon discovery.
Dark Heaven Castle Upon discovery.
Gallery of Time Upon discovery.
Demon Shaft Upon compltion of the Gallery of Time.