Battle Wrench

The Wrench in Dark Cloud 2

Tier 0 (None)
Built from None
Can be
  • Found : No
  • Bought : No
  • Made : No
ABS Base 0
Synthesis Points (SP) 1
Combo 5
Abilities None
Build Up Battle Wrench (Automatic)

Max' favorite wrench. Looks painful.

— In-game description

Wrench is the tool that Maximilian uses for repairing objects in Cedric's shop in Dark Cloud 2. Max used it in a fight against clowns in Flotsam's circus.

It has a five-hit combo. The wrench will automatically upgrade into the Battle Wrench after the fight with the clowns at Flotsam's circus in the prologue.


Weapon Hit Points 36 Synthesis Points 1
Type Min/Max Type Min/Max
Attack 4/- Durable 10/-
Flame 2/- Chill 0/-
Lightning 0/- Cyclone 0/-
Smash 5/- Exorcism 0/-
Beast 0/- Scale 0/-